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Inter-Institutional Consortium PHILIPPINE NORMAL   UNIVERSITY

Philippine Normal University

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The Philippine Normal School, now the Philippine Normal University (PNU), was the first institution of higher learning organized under the American regime. Established by Act 74 of the Philippine Commission, it provided among others the training of Filipinos in "the science of teaching". Since September 1, 1901 when it formally opened its campus in Manila, it has graduated tens of thousands of alumni who have been steeped in the tradition of scholarship, leadership, and sensibility to societal problems. In 1949 it was converted into a degree-granting college offering graduate studies in education. In 1992, it was elevated to a full-fledged university.

Over the years, PNU has very seriously taken its standing as the premier state university for teacher education. Being the "cradle of mentors", PNU has graduated distinguished alumni who occupy leadership positions in the education sector, although it has produced several alumni in other formidable fields as diplomacy, law, the sciences and the humanities. Through the years it has upheld the tradition of leadership, excellence and service and looks forward to addressing the challenges and demands of the 21st century with vigor and enthusiasm. Given a new university structure and shaped by a vibrant leadership, PNU has tempered its creative research and extension program by reaching out to other state colleges and universities, even private institutions, by closer ties with government agencies and NGO’s, and by charting the academic waters to enhance its image as center for life long learning.


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