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Philippine Christian University

1648 Taft Avenue corner Pedro Gil Street, Metro Manila 1004
Tel. Nos. (632) 526-2261 to 64; (632) 524-6671 ro 76

Fax Nos. (632) 526-5110; (632) 523-2483

Philippine Christian University (PCU) is a corporate expression of the Christian concern for higher education which is University in Caliber, Filipino in Perspective and Christian in Character. It strives, first of all, to provide an educational program that embodies the highest expression of academic excellence. It adheres to the belief that this basic academic commitment must express itself in three mutually related tasks: teaching that is both competent and qualified; research that is both scholarly and relevant; and public service that expresses both social relevance and social transcendence.

As an institutional epitome of the total gamut of human experience and creativity, PCU seeks to bear testimony to the broad spectrum and varied facets of man’s involvement and concerns. As such, it seeks to provide a competent program of training in the professions set in the context of enabling its students to effect changes in themselves and in the environment which in turn, would lead to the realization of fullness in human life and the attainment of a common future.

Ultimately, Philippine Christian University stands for a distinctively strong Christian University integrating faith, character and service, meeting individual and communal needs towards building up and enhancing a quality of life in a humane society. It looks at its educational commitments, therefore as an expression of its witness to the Gospel, and as part of the ministry of the whole Church to the whole world.


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