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The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia is the Inter-Institutional Consortium’s main source of funding for its projects and programs. It is a cooperative agency based in New York working to support Christian presence in related colleges and universities in Asia. Operating as both a grant-making and programmatic organization, the United Board, fully committed to their Christian mission and work, focuses on broad, comprehensive programs that respond to the challenges and diversity of Asia.

The work of the United Board centers on the Christian faith, higher education and Asia emphasizing two priorities: professional training for faculty, administrators and trustees to promote academic and institutional excellence, as well as support for linkages and networks to enhance regional cooperation and interaction among Board-related institutions.

Other Funding Sources

The I-IC also encourages its members to seek funding for their project proposals from other agencies. One of these agencies is the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE). FAPE provides direct support for the upliftment of the private education sector in the country. It gives priority to programs in the areas of professional manpower development and welfare, improvement of academic quality, educational finance, systems development, and special programs.



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