The University Board of Advisors


The Board of Advisors (BOA) of DLSU is an informal advisory body, comprised of University alumni and friends, dedicated to supporting and advancing the Lasallian Mission and highest standards of excellence in the University.  Drawing on the wide-ranging experience and expertise of its members (across business, government, and non-profit sector), the BOA provides counsel to the Trustees and Leadership Team on issues related to the University strategic priorities and plans.

Functions:  The chief functions of the Board of Advisors include:

  1. Assisting the University align its programs, people and resources with the needs of the Church and country/region it serves
  2. Enhancing the University’s ability to promote the Lasallian Mission of providing human and Christian education, especially to the poor
  3. Ensuring that the a) curriculum and instruction, b) research and innovation, and c) community engagement and Lasallian Mission are connected to industry and come to life in the real world
  4. Acting as ambassadors and promote the interest of the University to the society at large

Membership:  Members of the Board of Advisors are chosen by the President upon the advice from Trustees, Vice-Chancellors, and Deans.  At least two current Trustees should form part of the Board of Advisors.  Advisors are selected on the basis of their individual interest, special expertise, vision, dedication to the advancement of DLSU, and willingness to participate in the dynamic life of the University.

Meetings:  The Board of Advisors meets at least twice each year (Jan/Feb and Oct/Nov).  The Board receives reports on the University’s academic programs, research priorities and plans, community engagement activities, major projects and new initiatives, strategic plans, and other emerging issues.  Advisors are encouraged to comment upon and advise the President and the Leadership Team on these and related matters.  As integral members of the University community, Advisors are invited to important University events, meetings, lectures, exhibits, concerts and University-wide functions.


Members of the University Board of Advisors

Mr. Gerardo C. Ablaza Jr. President and CEO
Manila Water Company Inc.
Engr. Filemon T. Berba, Jr. President
Philippine Science Centrum
Mr. Edgar Chua Country Chairman
Shell Companies in the Philippines
Mr. Cezar P. Consing President and CEO
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Mr. Ernest Cu President/CEO
Globe Telecom Inc.
Mr. Winston Damarillo Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario Jr. President
Philippine Investment Management, Inc. (PHINMA)
Dr. Ma. Serena I. Diokno Chairperson
National Historical Commission of the Philippines
Mr. Miguel “Mike” Enriquez Senior Vice-President for Radio
GMA Network
Mr. Francis G. Estrada Past Chair
DLSU Board of Trustees
Mr. Francis Ferrer
EMS Component Assembly, Inc.
Mr. Edgardo G. Lacson President
MIS Maritime Corp
Architect Leandro “Andy” V. Locsin
Administrator and Design Consultant
Leandro V. Locsin Partners
Dr. Francisco “Paco” Sandejas Managing Partner
Narra Venture Capital
Mr. Rico Hizon Broadcast journalist
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News
Mr. Nestor Tan President
Banco de Oro