International Students


The University builds on its strength and pushes its limits of conventional academic standards to attain global recognition. International students are admitted to the University only when they meet the level of academic achievement that implies a developed ability for advanced study and independent scholarship, in addition to the required educational attainment. With the trimestral academic calendar, the accelerated pace prepares the students for the pressures and demands of the professional world.

Getting Acquainted

Welcome to De La Salle
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Take a quick tour around the university and get a glimpse of the place and its people.

Visiting DLSU-Manila
If you would like to visit the University in person (we recommend it), here's how to arrange a visit.

Getting Admitted

All applications for admission to DLSU-Manila are evaluated on an individual basis. Your academic record and standardized test scores are taken into consideration.

Legal Documentary Requirements

DLSU Entrance Examinations

Applying to DLSU

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Student Concerns

Academic Programs

De La Salle University offers programs for both undergraduate and graduate students, choose from a variety of fields — Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Arts, Sciences and Computer Studies.

Research Program

Aiming for being a world-class university, one of De La Salle University’s foremost thrusts is forward-looking research. This is the reason different colleges are encouraged to identify their own research objectives.

DLSU and Manila

DLSU shares the spirit of cooperation with the local government, the corporate world, and its neighbors.

2401 is the official newsletter of the DLSU-Manila campus. It features developments and stories of interest abou the university.

Explore the Philippines
The Philippines at a glance. This will give you a glimpse into life in the Philippines. Here is where you will find information on the things that make the Philippines uniquely 'Pinas.

Safety & Security in DLSU/Manila
At DLSU, you will live, work and study in a safe environment, thanks to our public safety programs and community partnerships.

Disability Resources

De La Salle University provides facilities for persons with disabilities (PWD). Campus ramps, toilet cubicles and elevators are specially reserved for them. DLSU also strives to make its web site accessible to all users, including people who are vision impaired, have hearing, physical, cognitive and neurological disabilities.