Faculty Development

De La Salle University is considered as one of the best universities in the country because it has resources.  Human resources - - students, teachers, administrators, staff, alumni, Lasallian Partners and friends.  The University invests in its human resources because they make DLSU the best that it can be today.

The University is especially proud of its roster of distinguished professors.  Over 50% of the full time faculty members have doctorate degrees.  All faculty members are provided with incentives to help them complete their masters and doctorate degrees.

The University also opens opportunities for exchange programs with international universities. This is one of the ways to nurture the second parents of our students.

Donations and grants enable the University to strengthen the caliber of its professors.  It aims to grow its resources for faculty development to help the University keep the brightest minds that teach our future leaders.

Make a gift today and help DLSU nurture the minds that transforms lives.