11th Science and Technology Congress 2009

Main Programme

2009 Science and Technology Congress
Day 1 September 21, 2009, Monday, CSB Hotel
Time Activity Speaker
0800-0845 Registration  
0845-0850 Invocation Dr. Merlin C. Suarez
  National Anthem  
0850-0855 Welcome Remarks Br. Bernard S. Oca FSC
Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and External Relations
De La Salle University
0855-0900 Opening Remarks Ambassador Makoto KATSURA
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
0900-0930 Keynote Speech Dr. Paco Sandejas
Managing Partner
Narra Venture Capital
0930-1000 New International Programs at Osaka University (pdf) Prof. Kiyoshi Higashijima
Dean, Graduate School of Science
Osaka University
1000-1030 Molecular Genetics Studies of Cancer in the Philippines: Implications inDiagnosis, Treatment and Management Dr. Ma. Luisa D. Enriquez
Department of Physics
De La Salle University
1030-1050 coffee break  
1050-1120 Stereodynamics aiming at ecological reaction control: A bridge to link micro- and macroscopic views of chemical reactions (pdf) Prof. Toshio Kasai (pdf)
Department of Chemistry
Graduate School of Science
Osaka University
1120-1150 Practical Use of Indium(III) Catalysts in Organic Synthesis (pdf) Prof. Akio Baba
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University
1150-1220 Modeling Strategies for Carbon Capture and Storage in Energy Systems Prof. Raymond Girard Tan
Department of Chemical Engineering
De La Salle University
1220-1300 lunch break  
1300-1330 Half-metallic antiferromagnets and their transport properties (pdf) Prof. Hizasumi Akai
Department of Physics
Graduate School of Science
Osaka University
1330-1400 Human Language Technology: the Philippine Experience Dr. Rachel Roxas
Dean, College of Computer Studies
De La Salle University
1400-1430 Relational Mining for Brains Dopamine Antagonist Molecules and a brain computer interface (pdf) Prof. Masayuki Numao
Department of Architecture for Intelligence
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Osaka University
1450-1500 Closing Program / Photo

Dr. Jesusa Marco
Dean, College of Science
De La Salle University

1500-1530 coffee break/ Photo  
1530-1700 Business Meeting Osaka University and De La Salle University



2009 Science and Technology Congress
Day 2 September 22, 2009, Tuesday, Andrew Gonzalez Hall
Time Activity Involvement
0800-0900 Registration / Opening  
0900-0940 Plenary Talk 1 Application of Real Time Cellular Assay in Drug Evaluation
    Dr. Ronaldo Matias
0940-1040 Parallel Paper Presentations
1040-1100 Break  
1100-1200 Parallel Paper Presentations
1200-1300 Lunch break  
1300-1430 Parallel Paper Presentations
1430-1510 Plenary Talk 2 Disaster Risk Management Philosophies for Engineers and Scientists
    Dr. Benito M. Pacheco
    Department of Civil Engineering
    University of the Philippines Diliman
1510-1530 Break  
1530-1700 Parallel Paper Presentations
1700-1800 Viewing of posters DLSU
1800-1900 Cocktails OU-DLSU