11th Science and Technology Congress 2009

Organized by DLSU, in cooperation with Osaka University
NFRG Auditorium, 18th Floor Andrew Bldg
Sept. 21-23, 2009

The Science and Technology Congress is an annual event organized by the De La Salle University-Manila. This year's Congress highlights the ongoing partnership between DLSU and the Osaka University in the varied fields of science and technology.

The Congress aims to foster research in the area of Science and Technology and its impact to mainstream human activities. Specifically, it serves as a venue for discussion and exchange of ideas on current issues in Science and Technology. The Congress is also a venue for disseminating research projects of students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This year's Congress will feature four different workshops from DLSU and Osaka University. The OU-DLSU Academic Research Workshop serves as a venue for information exchange between the two partner universities. The Workshop on Computational Materials Design (pdf/109kb) aims to introduce participants to powerful computational tools that will do away with trial and error in the design of new materials for specific applications. The Empathic Computin g Workshop will feature the research discoveries of the Numao lab of Osaka University and DLSU's Center for Empathic Human Computer Interactions. The UBD 2009 which will be conducted by Dr. Miguel Rapatan is an Educator's Workshop on Understanding by Design dealing with design tools and standards on curricular planning that maximize the potentials of curricular change for effective and engaging learning. The Workshop on Robotics entitled "Designing and Developing Educational and Entertaining Robots" will be conducted by Dr. Calilung and Mr. Sybingco of the College of Engineering of DLSU. This is limited to 20 participants only.

Plenary speakers on the first two days of the congress include distinguished technocrats, researchers and academicians in the country, from De La Salle University and from the Osaka University. Due to the declaration of holiday on Sept. 21, 2009,the first day will be limited to a meeting between the OU guests and DLSU organizing committee.  Official registration for the congress will start on the second day Sept. 22, 2009 at the 18th floor of the Andrew Bldg. This will be devoted to oral and poster presentations of research work done by students and faculty of De La Salle University and Osaka University. There will be workshops on the third day for educators and researchers.


  1. Main Programme
  2. Parallel Paper Presentations
    1. Session on Metacognition in Science and Math Education; Mathematics and Learning; Science Teaching and Learning; and Science and Technology in Education (pdf/40kb)
    2. Session on Technology and the Environment; Philosophy of Science; ICT for Industry and Community; and Computational Science (pdf/42kb)
    3. Session on ICT and Learning; Programming and Learning; Web and Mobile Applications; and Empathic Computing (pdf/43kb)
    4. Session on Energy and Environment; and Computational Science (pdf/42kb)
    5. Session on Operations Research; and Information Technology (pdf/42kb)
    6. Session on Structural Engineering; Mechanical Design; Process Automation; and ICT (pdf/42kb)
    7. Session on Energy; Environmental Engineering; and Energy and Environment (pdf/42kb)
    8. Session on Energy and Environment (pdf/34kb)
    9. Session on Health and Medicine; and Energy and Environment (pdf/41kb)


  • Registration Form (pdf/118kb)

    You may e-mail filled up form to liza.pajo@dlsu.edu.ph or send printed form on or before Sept 01, 2009 to the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Learning (AVCREL) at Room 306 Yuchengco Hall, De La Salle University Manila, You can also telefax it at (02) 536-42-26 (attention: Liza Pajo)

    For other inquiries e-mail sntcongress@dlsu.edu.ph