Call for Paper

Types of Contributions

The conference will feature both oral and poster presentations. There will also be plenary presentations on selected topics from invited speakers.

Submission of Abstract

Interested authors are requested to submit via email extended abstracts of maximum 300 words not later than
15th September, 2013. The official language of the conference is English. The abstract should state clearly the objectives, results and conclusions to properly assess the scope and nature of the paper. .

The submitted abstract should follow the following format: 6thRCCE ABSTRACT Format.doc

Submission of Full Paper

For the accepted Abstracts, a full paper should be submitted online by 15th October, 2013. Final acceptance will be based on the complete manuscript.
The submitted full paper should follow the following format: 6th RCCE Full paper format.doc
 Selected paper submission maybe published in the ASEAN Engineering Journal supported by AUN-SEED/Net and JICA upon the Author’s approval.

Submission of Poster

Poster executive summary should be emailed to the 6th RCCE Secretariat: on or before September 1, 2013.

Parallel Session: December 2, 2013

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

General guideline:
Each session will have a moderator and a time keeper. The schedule for each presentation will be strictly followed. If in the event that a presenter is absent, the schedule of the next presenter will still be followed, that is, there will be no adjustment in schedule.

Guidelines for presenters
The presenter is given a total of 20 minutes; 15 minutes to present his/her paper and 5 minutes for the open forum. After 10 minutes of presentation, the time keeper will flash a card marked ‘5 minutes’ to signal that the presenter has to finish his/her presentation in 5 minutes.

Please read the guidelines below:
Poster Guidelines 6thRCCE.doc
Executive Summary for Poster Sample 6thRCCE.doc
Poster Sample 6thRCCE.doc


All submissions should be emailed to