Quo Vadis Pilipinas

Quo Vadis Pilipinas Series 
Crossroads & Tipping Points: uncovering the transformational role of ICT in good governance and disaster management

Beset by numerous challenges brought about by the quest for genuine societal development, the Philippines is once more at a dramatic moment in her history as a nation. The aftermath of numerous natural disasters coupled with the new found drive towards good governance have created a new sense of urgency for the Filipino nation. With this new found sense of urgency comes the question on how to convert this awareness from thought to concrete action; one that is merely a mental-emotional concept to a set of actions that will eventually lead to a deeper societal transformation.

Hope springs eternal, but action speak louder than thoughts and words combined: With an estimated 50% of the population being on-line and almost an 80% mobile telephony penetration rate (2009), information and communications technologies (ICTs) especially the Internet are seen as enabling tools in creating an electronic ecosystem. This e-ecosystem will eventually transform how citizens view government and vice versa; a possible catalyst for change that will result to a more permeable form of governance characterized by a redefinition of roles and expectations among societal stakeholders. Will this movement towards an e-enabled development somehow have its effects on the current socio-political and economic landscape of the Philippines? Is this an emerging picture of a knowledge-enabled Philippines? Is this a reflection of a looming ICT-enabled social epidemic?

Crossroads and Tipping Points intends to explore the various crossroads: issues and concerns that can identify critical events (or tipping points) that can show a reflection of a knowledge-enabled Philippines. Focusing on participation in good governance and disaster management, a special emphasis is placed on the transformational and enabling role of ICT. The event will also explore the negative and positive aspects of ICT and at the same time identify possible courses of action that can be set in motion to address these various concerns. Crossroads and Tipping Points intend to bring together experts-advocates-stalwarts from government, NGOs, development institutions, the private sector, and the academe to put forwards issues and concerns on the abovementioned discussion areas.

The Quo Vadis Pilipinas series is a continuing event that aims to incite a “revolution of the mind and heart”: an intellectual revolution powered by ideas that will form part of a critical mass of advocates that intend to push for societal transformation enabled by ICT. Quo Vadis Pilipinas intends to serve as a venue that would spark new ideas, promote collaboration, and create synergies among various stakeholders in the areas of ICT and societal development.

Consistent with the desire a continuous engagement with various societal stakeholders, Quo Vadis Pilipinas is part of the research and development initiatives of the College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University through the Center for ICT for Development (CITe4D).

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Event Details
Date & Time February 11, 2011, 830 - 5:00 PM
Venue SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
Organizers College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University-Manila
Partner IdeaCorp