Project Einstein 2015 Call for Artworks

September 29 – October 1, 2015

Project Einstein 2015 will accept artworks in the genres of drawings, prints, and paintings (acrylic, watercolor and/or oil on canvas paper or board) for the exhibit, as part of Project Einstein 2015 Conference. The theme will be limited to representations and interpretations of Einstein’s face.

  • Submission of original artworks in the genres of drawings, prints, paintings (acrylic watercolor and/or oil on canvas paper or board) are welcome. Submission of a high resolution photograph of each of the proposed artwork is required. On the form provided (See below for the Artwork Proposal Submission Form), please indicate the genre of the artwork.

  • Only artwork proposals containing a portfolio of a maximum of three artworks with a maximum size of 90cm x 90cm (including the frame) will be accepted. No installation art will be accepted.

  • All artwork proposals, together with their respective photographs, must be submitted electronically to bearing the subject: “Artwork Proposal, Project Einstein 2015”. Files must bear the sender’s surname in uppercase letters, followed by his or her given names in lower case letters, and a shortened form of the work’s genre and title
    (eg., SANTIAGOjosepaintOcean).

  • Faxed submissions will not be accepted.

  • Upon submission, the artist will receive an email acknowledgment receipt for the proposal.

  • If the artwork proposal is accepted, the artist will be notified by email, and he or she must turn over the artworks to the DLSU College of Liberal Arts, and send by email a copy of the receipt of payment of fees anytime from June 1, 2015 – July 30, 2015. If the artist is also joining the performances and/or presenting a poster or a paper at the conference, the payment of fees for one applies to all kinds of participation.

  • He/She must fill up and sign the Loan Agreement. If the artworks are not turned over within the said dates, or the Loan Agreement is not accomplished, the artist forfeits his/her chance of participating in the exhibit. The artist shoulders courier service expenses if he or she does not turn over the artworks personally.

  • The artist must retrieve his/her artwork/s from the DLSU College of Liberal Arts anytime from November 3, 2015 to November 6, 2015. Artists from out of town must pay in advance courier services for the return of his or her artwork/s.

  • • All inquiries and special arrangements must be coursed through the curator or The Museum, Ms. Rizalina Buncab, at

Project Einstein 2015 Call for Artworks (doc/827kb)