12th Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2012)

  • Conference Date: March 1-3, 2012
  • Pre-conference Workshops: March 1, 2012 , 9 am to 12 nn (Lunch)
  • Main Conference: March 1-3, 2012 (Starts at 1 pm on March 1)
Programme of Activities
Day 1: March 1, 2012 (Thursday)
Time Presentation
9:00 am to 12:00 nn

Pre-conference workshop/Tutorial
A half-day tutorial on Language Documentation using the Linguist’s Assistant (LA) software
Dr.Stephen Beale

Organized by: Computing Society of the Philippines Special Interest Group on Natural Language Processing (CSPSIG-NLP)
01:00 pm to 02:00 pm      Registration
02:00 pm to 02:30 pm  Opening Prayer
National Anthem
Welcome Remarks (Dr. Julius Maridable, DLSC)
Opening Remarks (Dr. Allan Sioson, CSP President)
Overview of Conference (Dr. Arnie Azcarraga, Conference Chair)
02:30 pm to 03:10 pm Invited Talk - Natural Language Processing (Dr. Stephen Beale)
03:10 pm to 03:50 pm  Invited Talk - “Graphics and Non-Graphics GPU Applications” (Dr. Tan Tiow Seng, NUS)
03:50 pm to 04:10 pm Break
04:10 pm to 04:50 pm Turing Talk - “On Turing Machines” (Dr. Eliezer Albacea, UPLB)
04:50 pm to 05:20 pm Turing Talk - "Support Vector Machines and Rule Extraction from Neural Networks" (Dr. Rudy Setiono, NUS)
06:00 pm Move to Conference Dinner
06:30 pm to 09:00 pm Conference Dinner (Guilly's Island, Paseo de Sta. Rosa)
Day 2: March 2, 2012 (Friday)
Time Presentation
09:00 am to 10:15 am Algorithms and Implementations
  1. Jayvee Eljohn Pascual, Francis George Cabarle, Jhoirene Clemente and Henry Adorna. -Parallel GibbsDST for Motif Finding on GPUs
  2. Bryan Donor, Richelle Ann Juayong and Henry Adorna. -On the Communication Complexity of Sorting in Evolution-Communication P systems with Energy
  3. Francis George Cabarle,, Gyen Neil Ibo, Kelvin Buno and Henry Adorna. -Notes On Ternary Combinatorial Search And Communication with Subjectivity
Data Processing
  1. Geraldine Ablaza, Jannah Therese Del Barrio, Charo Marie Musni, Kedren Villena and Jocelynn Cu. -An Emotion Model of Academic Affective States for a Filipino Embodied Conversational Agent
  2. Prospero Naval. -Automated Segmentation of the Intima-Media Layer Using Hough Transform and Active Contours
  3. Calvin Enriquez and Arnulfo Azcarraga. -Visualizing Correlations between Features and Classes using Self-Organizing Maps
10:15 am to 10:30 am Break
10:30 am to 12:00 pm Image Processing
  1. Raphael Garay and Allan Sioson. -Generating Screened Manga Sketches from Colored Photographs
  2. David Araw, Jan Christer Duguran, Milo Martinez, Rae Marvin Pangilinan and Macario Ii Cordel. -An Approach to Discriminate Hand Dorsal Vein Patterns for Low-Cost Biometric Identification
  3. Ana Katrina Inguengan and Vladimir Mariano. -Stochastic Modeling of Rice Seed Shape Analysis
Modeling and Computing
  1. Geoffrey Solano and Henry Adorna. -A Workflow Net for Processing Administrative Complaints
  2. Jerome de Guzman, Rhoda Esquivel, Christian Eduard Lazaro, Percival Magpantay, Gregorio Ortiz and Alyssa Salazar. -ROSEMARIE: A Robotic System with an Expandable Modular Architecture
12:00 nn to 1:00 pm Lunch
01:00 pm to 01:45 pm Turing Talk : “Cellular Automata and Turing machines” (Dr. Raffy Saldana, ADMU)
01:45 pm to 02:30 pm  Turing Talk : "Allan Turing: His Life Story and the Impact of his Work" (Dr. Jaime Caro, UPD)
02:30 pm to 03:30 pm CSP Business Session (Dr. Allan Sioson)
03:30 pm to 03:45 pm break
03:45 pm to 05:05 pm Plenary Session
  1. Clement Ong, Kimberly Gorospe, Laarni Dawn Ilan, Willibert Lim and Jann Aleli Zaplan.
    i-POIS: Intelligent Posture Identification System
  2. Rodolfo Jr Raga.
    ReLATED : A Resource Lean Analyzer of Transcripts of Educational Discourse
  3. Rhymart Manchus, Allan Macatingrao, Carol Llorente, Andrej Mikhail Valiente, Joanaviva Plopenio, Emelina Regis, Marilou Nicolas, Noel Quiming and Allan Sioson.
    Design and Implementation of PlantArthroDB: A Plant and Arthropod Interaction Database System for Mt. Isarog Natural Park
05:05 pm to 05:35 pm Poster Presentation
05:35 pm to 06:00 pm Poster Viewing
06:00 pm to 09:00 pm Conference BBQ
Pine Tree Site, DLSC
Day 3: March 3, 2012 (Saturday)
Time Presentation
09:00 am to 10:30 am Plenary Presentation
Best Paper Nominees

  1. Laarni Dela Cruz. (Best paper Nominee)
Numerical Simulation of Earthquake Cycles Using Depth-Dependent Frictional Parameters
  2. Jaderick Pabico. (Best paper Nominee)
Neural Network Classifiers for Natural Food Products
  3. James Carlo Plaras and Jaime Samaniego. (Best paper Nominee)
Finding Near-Optimal Routes for Multiple Security Patrols in a University Campus Road Network
10:30 am to 10:45 am Break
10:45 am to 11:45 am 
  1. Reynaldo Jr. Maravilla, Elise Raina Tabanda, Rona May Tadlas, Jasmine Malinao and Henry Adorna. (Best paper Nominee)
Proving and Implementing the Effectiveness of iDnc for Optimal 4D Data Signature-based Cluster Models of NLEX Traffic Density Data Sets
  2. Raphael Alampay and Kardi Teknomo. (Best paper Nominee)
Data Association for an Adaptive Multi-target Particle Filter Tracking System
11:45 nn to 12:30 nn Turing Talk : "In Allan Turing's Mind, were 'computers' machines or human being?" (Dr. Arnie Azcarraga, DLSU)
12:30 pn Closing Session, Farewell Lunch and Raffle

About the Speaker:

Dr. Stephen Beale is an Honors College Fellow at the University of Maryland. Dr. Beale received his PhD in Computer Science and Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University and has been involved in NLP research for twenty years. He also has considerable experience in practical linguistic fieldwork, having worked with the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Thailand and Vanuatu. He is co-developer of LA and has used LA to describe several languages and translate community development and Old Testament texts.