12th Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2012)

Accepted Papers with Abstracts

List of Accepted Posters

  • 42 Prospero Naval. Lemmatization of Filipino Words using Affix Stripping and Part-of-Speech Tagging
  • 13 Samuel Charles Cheng, Patrick Bernard Joaquin, Charles Daniel Ong, Clement Ong and Abigail Beatrice Tiu. Spatial Cues Extraction and Incorporation for Ambient Sound Reproduction System
  • 40 Prospero Naval. A Constraint-based Grammar Checker for Filipino
  • 8 Anna Christina Araño, Ludivina Marie Ranchez and Jan Michael Raymundo. Usability of a Personal Learning Environment and an Online Assessment System As Viewed by Students, Professors, and Other Professionals
  • 21 Tiffany Rose Kang, Izzabella Perez and Gabriel Luis Emmanuel Matias. Design and Development of an Affect-Sensitive Horror Game
  • 28 Roel Pantonial. Thermal Estimation of a Brush DC Motor using an Observer with Steady-State Kalman Filter Optimization
  • 55 Sanielle Anne De Leon, Raymund Clint Paz, Julie Ann Tan, Anne Jasmine Villadarez and Jiji Cu. Voice Affect Modelling Using Dimensional Labels
  • 4 Rhia Trogo, Janelyn Co, Cheney Samson and Justin Uy. Activity Prediction Using Context
  • 12 Joyce Ann Rada, Javelin Karl Magtalas and Carlo Martinez. Extension of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Debugging
  • 37 Darwin Christian Asuncion, Kristofer Benedict Chua, Paul Julian Hao, William Emmanuel Yu and Ma. Regina Estuar. Location Estimation Based on the Comparison of Parameters from Wi-Fi Beacon Frames and Commodity Open Source Software
  • 15 Thor Collin S. Andallaza and Rina Joy Jimenez. Implementation of an Affective Agent for Aplusix
  • 41 Prospero Naval. Automated Cardiac Function and Disease Assessment by Analyzing Echocardiography Images
  • 45 Ian Christopher Tisang and Kenan Biel Virtucio. Highly Available Virtualized Server for Network Computing
  • 24 Lesley Abe and Taesu Kim. Latent Semantic Indexing Collaborative Recommendation System
  • 57 Rescian Rey, Erick Ryan David and Edilberto Barcelona. Data Locality for Data-Intensive Applications Using Grid Computing on Top of Cloud
  • 1 Jonahan Jason King Li and Tricia Angela Monsod. Development of an Affect-Sensitive Game Agent