8th National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium

Center for Language Technologies

Rm 1703 Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall
De La Salle University, Manila

November 24-25, 2011

The National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium (NNLPRS) is an annual gathering of researchers working on the analysis, processing, and generation of human language by computing systems. This year, the two-day symposium will feature invited talks, research paper presentations and student research workshops on various topics, including word sense disambiguation, information extraction, question answering, machine translation, ontology and knowledge representation, and language tools.


  • Invited Talk #1: Exploiting Language Learners' Essays and Their First Language for Automated Essay Correction
    Speaker: Dr. Hwee Tou Ng, Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore


In this talk, I will present our recent research on automated correction of learners' essays. We have collected a one-million-word corpus of essays written by students at the National University of Singapore (NUS), with grammatical and usage errors in the essays hand-corrected by English instructors at NUS. We propose a novel approach to grammatical error correction based on Alternating Structure Optimization, exploiting both learner essays and non-learner texts. We also exploit the first language of learners to propose correction candidates for semantic collocation errors. Our empirical evaluation demonstrates that our proposed methods outperform other state-of-the-art approaches. This work was jointly done with Daniel Dahlmeier.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Hwee Tou Ng is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS), a Senior Faculty Member at the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering, and Director of the Language Mediation Laboratory at the Interactive and Digital Media Institute, NUS. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. His research focuses on natural language processing and information retrieval. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

He has published papers in premier journals and conferences, including Computational Linguistics, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, ACL, EMNLP, SIGIR, AAAI, and IJCAI. His papers received the Best Paper Award at EMNLP 2011 and SIGIR 1997. He is the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP), and an editorial board member of Natural Language Engineering. He has also served as an editorial board member of Computational Linguistics journal (2004 − 2006) and Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) (Sep 2008 − Aug 2011).

  • Invited Talk #2: Business Applications of Human Language Technology
    Speaker: Mr. Allan Tan, IdeyaTech

  • Invited Talk #3: Human Language Technology for National Development Speaker: Mr. Allan Borra, eParticipation Group, Center for Language Technologies, DLSU


The complete program of activities can be found at the symposium web site:http://st.dlsu.edu.ph/



Interested participants should register online at http://st.dlsu.edu.ph. Details of the registration process and payment can also be found here.

Participants can register as student or regular attendee. The Registration Fee is as follows:

Registration Type Amount
Student Attendee P 750
Faculty / Regular Attendee P 1,000

The regular or student registration fees include entry to the invited talks, paper presentations, and workshops. A conference kit and food for two days (lunch and snack) are also included.


Please direct any questions to any of the following:

Organizing Committee Chair, Ms. Ethel Ong (ethel.ong@delasalle.ph)
Registration Head, Mr. Ralph Regalado (ralph.regalado@delasalle.ph)

Symposium web site: http://st.dlsu.edu.ph/

Posted on: 11/18/2011