Philippine Association of Microscopists, Inc. (MICROSPHIL)




For years, various individuals in the country whose work involved at one time or another the use of microscope wondered how the results of their work could be disseminated to others without having to go abroad.

We thought that a good mechanism to do this would be to form a Microscopy Society, thus on the 21st of June, 2000, a small group was emboldened to form the Microscopy Society of the Philippines (MICROSPHIL)

  • To serve as the professional organization for the advancement of the practice of the education in microscopy.
  • To promote and actively engage, through its members, in research, publishing and dissemination of knowledge within the field of microscopy.
  • To collaborate with government and other organizations for the promotion and advancement of microscopy.
  • To protect the interests of microscopists.
To contact us

National Engineering Center
Room 214 University of the Philippines Diliman, QC
Phone: 981-85-00 loc 3032
Fax: 925-82-05
Facebook (group):!/groups/143935268994611/