Burnishing of Aerospace Alloy: A Theoretical-Experimental Approach

Ioan D. Marinescu


Burnishing process is well known as a very effective surface enhancement method for manufacturing alternative to the processes. The current work focuses on obtaining predictive model of surface roughness and residual stresses based on experimental data. Smoother surfaces of aerospace material modified by ball burnishing have been achieved and significant influences of process parameters on both surface roughness and maximum residual stresses are established. A second-order empirical model involving pressure, speed, and feed is developed for surface roughness prediction. The predictive values have good compatibility with experimental results. Pressure plays an important factor on compressive residual stresses, however, the empirical models only have qualitative compatibility with the experimental results.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Ioan D. Marinescu is a Professor of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Toledo. He is also the Director of the Precision Micro-Machining Center of the College of Engineering (www.eng.utoledo.edu/pmmc) of the same University. He has a PhD in Manufacturing Processes, a Honorary Doctorate from University of Iashi, Romania, and is member of numerous international professional organization: JSPE, SME, ASME, ASPE, CIRP, IDA, ASAT, NAMRI.

Professor Marinescu is author of more than 15 books and over 300 technical and scientific papers. He gave lectures and workshops in more than 40 countries around the world. Also, he is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the American Society for Abrasive Technology.

Dr. Marinescu founded ten year ago, his own company: Advanced manufacturing Solutions Co., LLC, a company specialized in consulting, R&D, Manufacturing and Trade.(www.interams.com) He is the President and CEO of this company