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Call For Papers

The format of the presentation must be 35-minute paper or 80-minute symposium. All sessions should relate to the published focus areas of the conference (see below).

Please fill out the form and an acknowledgement e-mail will be issued once the Secretariat has received your abstract.

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Details of Your Proposed Paper

Paper (35 minutes)
Symposia (80 minutes)
Virtual Presentation
application of technology to the language classroom
localizing internet materials to the classroom
using the internet for cultural exchange
managing multimedia/hypermedia environments
e-learning, collaborative learning and blended learning
emerging technologies
fostering autonomous learning through technology
web 2.0 and language learning
training language teachers in e-learning environments
CD Player
Cassette Recorder
LCD (Data Projector)       


Please enter your session or paper abstract here. Your abstract should be about 150-200 words). Note that if successful, this abstract will be printed “as is”, however, the conference organizers do have the right to make changes.