First DLSU Food Research Program Workshop


Objective of the Program

To form a professional learning community (PLC) for the purpose of developing and submitting for funding research proposal/s on the topics of food, health and nutrition. The research design of the proposal/s should emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to answer the research problem/s. The proposals are to be submitted to funding agencies/foundations outside of DLSU.

Activities of the Program

  1. Workshop 1 during the First Term of AY 2011-2012.
    1. Organization of the PLC on food, health and nutrition.
    2. Formation of research teams which will write research proposals.

  2. Activities after Workshop 1 up to workshop 2 during the Third Term of AY 2011-2012.
    1. Small meetings by research teams to write proposals.
    2. Submission of proposals to outside funding agencies.

  3. Workshop 2 during the Third Term of AY 2011-2012.
    1. Oral presentation of completed proposals (already submitted or still for submission for funding).
    2. Documentation of prepared research proposal.