About the Event

What is the ASEAN EBS Summit?

The ASEAN EBS Summit is an annual conference participated by economics and business students from the Southeast Asian region. The program aims to forge friendship and solidarity among these youth who, throughout the 5-day activity, will incorporate the ASEAN’s goal of integration in the future.

Coordinated economic policies and more standardized business practices are just a few of the fundamental matters that make the assimilation of 10 different economies a great challenge. This only emphasizes the need for the establishment of a strong student network in the region, in order to build a solid ASEAN community and create sustainable plans students from each country may participate in.

All economics and business students in the ASEAN region share ownership of the ASEAN EBS Summit. The first two years of the conference were hosted by the Student Senate of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, and then by Prasetiya Mulya Business School (S1 Bisnis) on its third year. As the conference evolves, the ASEAN EBS Summit reaches Philippine shores on its fourth year.


  1. To forge strong ties, friendship, and solidarity among ASEAN people, especially the youth
  2. To share knowledge and experiences related to economic and business issues
  3. To maintain the continuity of the Southeast Asian Economics and Business Students Network (SEACON)
  4. To increase awareness on all ASEAN economies and cultures, with emphasis on the Philippines