Food, Nutrition & Health Proceedings

FNH-I-001 Analysis of the Fatty Acid Composition of C. lentillifera, C. racemosa, E. cottoni, and G. tenuistiptata using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Full Text (PDF)
  Clark Ian Miguel Hormigos, Brian Aldrin Lagrosas, Tedd Isaac Ecuaran, Diane Keely Razon and Nancy Lazaro-Llanos 
FNH-I-003 Bayesian Mapping of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Incidence in the National Capital Region Full Text (PDF)
   Shirlee Ocampo, Jochelle Maan Natividad, Reinna Mae Necesito and Robert Neil Leong
FNH-I-004 Utilization of Breadnut (Artocarpus camansi) as a Meat Replacement for Meatballs Full Text (PDF)
   Clair Zamora, Joana Lynn Vasquez, Ma. Andrea Carla Ebison and Marvin Sibucao
FNH-I-005 Utilization of Marine Fishes (Indian Mackerel(Rastrelliger kanagurta), Mackerel Scad(Decaoterus macarellus), and Surgeonfish(Acanthuridae) for Fish Longganisa Full Text (PDF)
   Marieden Flores, Roselle Tuzon, Ma. Andrea Carla Bedia and Joan Fortuna
FNH-I-006 The Implementation of the School Based Feeding Program (SBFP) in the Schools Division of Tarlac Province Full Text (PDF)
   Luzviminda Rivera
FNH-I-008 A Comparison of Protein Content and Vitellogenin Sequences of Scylla serrata Sexes Full Text (PDF)
  Fred James Bucao, Erika Renee Ongchan, Chona Camille Vince Cruz and Ma. Carmen AblanLagman
FNH-I-009 Philippine Disease Surveillance System Full Text (PDF)
  Amos Changcoco, Brian Falsis, Maria Kalingo, Denisse Tan and Marivic Tangkeko
FNH-I-011 Differentiating morphology of Scylla serrata molt stages using image analysis Full Text (PDF)
  Maria Victoria Faith Garcia and Ma. Carmen Ablan-Lagman
FNH-II-012 Synthesis and Characterization of an Anacardic Acid Derivative of Thiazolidinedione Full Text (PDF)
  Glenn Alea, Marielle Faye Carpio and Christelle Elliese Mariñas
FNH-II-013 Extraction and Determination of Tetracyclines in Chicken Meat by Solid Phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Full Text (PDF)
  Jerald Jude Ang, Sofia Louise Estaniel and Lourdes Guidote
FNH-II-014 Iron Content of Liver Spreads Full Text (PDF)
  Czarina Vianca Cenit, Ma. Sushel Angela Coleta and Jaime Raul Janairo
FNH-II-015 A Propensity Scores Method and Logistic Regression Analysis of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the National Capital Region Full Text (PDF)
  Christine Losañes, Reinna Mae Necesito, Ma. Allison Jean Virador and Frumencio Co
FNH-II-016 Discrimination of Civet and Non-civet Coffee by Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Partial Least Squares (PLSDA), and Orthogonal Projection to Latent Structures (OPLS-DA) Full Text (PDF)
  Madelene Datinginoo, Christine Angelica Losañes and Rechel Arcilla
FNH-II-017 Comparison of Protein Concentration among Various Organs of the Mud Crab Scylla serrata Sex Phenotypes Full Text (PDF)
  Crissa Ann Lilagan and Ma. Carmen Lagman
FNH-II-018 Expression of Molt-Inhibiting Hormone (MIH) and Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase (ERK) during the molting stages of the giant mud crab, Scylla serrata Full Text (PDF)
  Karen Camille Perez, Joana Joy Huervana, Maria Rowena Eguia and Ma. Carmen Ablan-Lagman