Food, Nutrition & Health Proceedings

FNH-I-02 A Method for Detecting and Segmenting Infected Part of Cacao Pods Full Text (PDF)
  Daniel Stanley Tan, Robert Neil Leong, Ann Franchesca Laguna, Courtney Anne Ngo, Angelyn Lao, Divina Amalin and Dionisio Alvindia 
FNH-I-03 Systems Biology Approach of Understanding the Effect of Raphanus sativus Extract on the Pathogenesis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Breast and Colon Cancer Full Text (PDF)
   Jan Marie Claire Edra, Kathleen Dane Talag, Angelyn Lao and Ma. Luisa Eniquez
FNH-I-04 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Thiazolidine-2,4-dione (TZD) Derivatives with Hexyl and Decyl Chains Full Text (PDF)
   Glenn V. Alea, Faith Marie G. Lagua, Charlene Q. Ocampo, Jouella Camille Q. Mercado
FNH-I-05 The Analysis of Fatty Acid Composition and Heavy Metals in Edible Seaweeds Kappaphycus alvarezii and Caulerpa lentillifera Using Gas-Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Full Text (PDF)
   Reynaldo Allan Buenaventura, Rafael Andre Orosa and Nancy Lazaro-Llanos
FNH-I-06 Protective Influence of Virgin Coconut Oil Against the Development of Aspirin- and HCl/Ethanol-Related Gastric Ulcers in Murine Models Full Text (PDF)
   Maria Krizel Anne G. Tabago, Dickson Stewart S. Ty and Lourdes P. GuidoteEric Calderon Pacifico, Deanne Cuevas, Rafael Cruz, Krista Datuin, Clifford John David, Nathalie Jane De Guzman, Maria Corazon, De Jesus Peter Johan De Leon, Ace Anthony De Mesa, Bleisha Jessica De Peralta, Norielynn De Vega, Radjan Dejarme, Lizlie Anne Dineros, Mark Lorenzo Dizon, Ma. Kisha Dorado, Maria Gloriley, Dumlao Jayson Espejo, Fernandino Jose Fontanilla and Michael Ples
FNH-I-07 Histological and Biochemical Assessment of the Protective Influence of Rutoside Against Gentamicin-Related Nephrotoxicity in a Murine Model Full Text (PDF)
  Eric Calderon Pacifico, Riznelle Anne Ramos, Leslie Anne Pulanco, Diana Peñaflor, Dan Joseph Olpindo, Amapola Oropilla, Deo Faulo Pabello, Jan Paolo Palado, Raina Rose Palmera, Stephannie Jude Pascual, Glory Jane Pasia, Aaron Ciel Perez, Jose Miguel Potenciano, Aldrich Howell Pua, Angelica Quiambao, Ivy Lorraine Quiñones and Regie Layug
FNH-I-08 Personal Health Informatics for Patients at Risk of Heart Attack (SoPHIA) Full Text (PDF)
  Alen Mercader, Marivic Tangkeko, Thomas Angeles, Claudia Hilario and Queenie Villasin
FNH-II-01 Radiation monitoring and detection using economical open-source components Full Text (PDF)
  Ahmed Khalil and Jade Dungao
FNH-II-02 A Multi-Omics Approach to Finding Biomarkers in Philippine Civet Coffee Full Text (PDF)
  Marissa G. Noel, Carlito B. Lebrilla, and Emmanuel V. Garcia