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Food, Nutrition & Health Proceedings

FNH-I-001 The Chemical Analysis of Omega-3 Fatty Acid and Cadmium in Caulerpa lentillifera and Euchema denticulatum using High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Full Text (PDF)
  Reia Faye L. Cabial, Haydee T. Keh, Erika Faye B. Jalijali, Marie Everild Bernadine H. Nazal, and Nancy Lazaro-Llanos 
FNH-I-002 Antihyperuricemic and Nephroprotective Effects of Carica papaya Aqueous Leaf Extract in a Murine Model of Hyperuricemia and Acute Renal Tissue Injury Full Text (PDF)
   Pacifico Eric Calderon, Chrizarah San Juan, Mary Grace San Pedro, Ariane Marie Reyes, Patrick Jerome Salom, Arnel Rheuim Sanchez, Hazel Sandigan, Heshvey Jos Sangayab, Maria Cristine Joy Saure, Mar Henrick Savilla, Desmond Santos, Jamee Lou Santos, Vincent Sia, Stephanie Sim, Fernandino Jose Fontanilla, M.D. and Michael B. Ples
FNH-I-003 New Cytotoxic bis-1,3-Thiazolidine-2,4-dione (TZD) Derivatives with meta-Xylyl and Propyl linkers: Synthesis and Characterization Full Text (PDF)
   Danelle Izah G. Mantilla, Esther Carmen Arvella G. Ereno, Glenn G. Oyong, Glenn U. Tan and Glenn V. Alea
FNH-I-004 Synthesis and Characterization of 5-Bromo-6-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-Propylimidazo[2,1-b][1,3,4]Thiadiazole A Potential Anti-Cancer Drug Full Text (PDF)
   Glenn V. Alea, Faith Marie G. Lagua, Charlene Q. Ocampo, Jouella Camille Q. Mercado
FNH-I-005 Residual Carbaryl in Selected Vegetables Full Text (PDF)
   Angeline P. Wang and Jaime Raul O. Janairo
FNH-I-006 Analysis of Salivary Metabolites via High Performance Liquid Chromatography as a Potential Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer Full Text (PDF)
   Maria Krizel Anne G. Tabago, Dickson Stewart S. Ty and Lourdes P. Guidote
FNH-I-007 Heavy Metal Levels in Mud Crabs (Scylla spp.) from East Bataan Coast Full Text (PDF)
  Chona Camille E. Vince Cruz*, Gliceria Ramos, and Ma. Carmen Ablan-Lagman
FNH-I-008 Effect of Particle Size, Solvent and Extraction Time on Tannin Extract from Spondias purpurea Bark Through Soxhlet Extraction Full Text (PDF)
  Hilary Y. Baldosano, Ma. Beatriz Micaela G. Castillo, Chantal Danica H. Elloran and Florinda T. Bacani
FNH-I-009 Analysis of an OTC Multivitamin Tablet Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Full Text (PDF)
Anne Concepcion G. Pozon, Nathalie P. Wong, Dr. Julita C. Robles* and
Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug
Chemistry Department De La Salle University Manila
*Corresponding Author: julita.robles@dlsu.edu.ph
FNH-II-010 Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Colon Cancer Cell Lines (HCT116) Through Cytotoxicity Test Full Text (PDF)
   Regina Thea V. Agulan, Edcy Marie F. Capule, and Romeric F. Pobre
FNH-II-011 Electrochemically- Synthesized Polypyrrole Thin Films for Ethanol Vapor Sensing Full Text (PDF)
  Maria Carla Manzano,*, Ria Adel Capirol, Kathlyn Mejia, Enrique Manzano, Chiara Rosario Julia Lanuza, and Reuben Quiroga
FNH-II-012 Luntian: An Automated, High-Throughput Phenotyping System for the Greenness and Biomass of C4 Rice Full Text (PDF)
  Rhett Jason C. Buzon, Louis Timothy D. Dumlao, Micaela Angela C. Mangubat, Jan Robert D. Villarosa and Briane Paul V. Samson
FNH-II-013 Developing a Sustainable Food Security Program for an Urban Coastal City, Navotas City, Metro Manila. Part 2. Full Text (PDF)
  Jose Santos R Carandang VI, Mary Jane Cruz-Flores, Julien L Carandang
FNH-II-014 Self-Efficacy in Managing Personal Chronic Health Conditions Among Elderlies of Selected Areas of Cavite Full Text (PDF)
  Jonathan R. Adanza
FNH-II-015 Psychophysiology of Slow Breathing Exercises Using Heart Rate Variability Measurements for Stress Reduction: A Preliminary Qualitative Study and Review of the Technique Full Text (PDF)
  Dante G. Simbulan, Jr.
FNH-II-016 The Pattern of Consumption for Food Away From Home (FAFH) of Filipino Households during the Modern Era  
Full Text (PDF)
  Cesar C. Rufino
FNH-II-017 Philippine Orthopedic Center Hospital Information System Full Text (PDF)
  Jan Ong, Jehan Chua, Lester Go, Tania Hufano
FNH-II-018 DiabeSys Full Text (PDF)
  Gabriel Garcia, Gabriel Santiago, Feih Sy, Miguel Tamina and Marivic Tangkeko
FNH-III-019 An Agent-Based Model for Containing a Fictitious Virus Outbreak Full Text (PDF)
  Jenibel N. Paray, Romeric F. Pobre1, Al Rey C. Villagracia
FNH-III-020 Client’s Preference in Capillary Blood Sugar Testing: Fingertip or Palm? Full Text (PDF)
  Jonh Nichole Avelino, Sharmaine Go,Chenny Aton, NissieDegulacion Aileen Heramis, Krystel Pesical, Kaulene Louise Pigano, Tonette Villanueva
FNH-III-021 Plant Height Measurement and Tiller Segmentation of Rice Crops Using Image Processing Full Text (PDF)
  Karol Paulette Constantino, Elisha Jeremy Gonzales, Lordd Michael Lazaro, Ellen Chelsea Serrano, Briane Paul Samson