4th Asian Computational Materials Design Workshop

4th Asian Computational Materials Design (CMD® - Asia) Workshop

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About Computational Materials Design (CMD)

The basic foundations of our technology, and its foreseen development in the 21st century, basically lie on the physical sciences and, if one desires to distinguish, also material science. To meet the ever-increasing demand for novel materials, and at the same time satisfy the growing public concern for the energy/power consumption and environmental impacts, novel routines other than relying on the age-old tradition of trial-and-error/hit-and-miss would be necessary.

Given these circumstances, we need to develop novel theoretical routines and techniques that could quickly and efficiently find novel materials for synthesis, which would suit our purposes. The theoretical routines and techniques necessary should incorporate quantum mechanics per se, and should not be dependent on experimental results and/or empirical parameters. Ab-Initio/First Principles Calculations satisfy all these requirements. With recent developments in computational techniques, coupled with the rapid progress in computer efficiency, ab-initio/first principles-based COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS DESIGN (CMD®) is now a reality. Its impact/influence on industrial R&D should increase with the passing years.

The purpose of these series of workshops is to provide the participants with a first-hand experience of how COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS DESIGN (CMD®) is carried out, provide them with the basic knowledge and techniques, to better prepare them for the new paradigm in materials science research.

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