Retrofitting of St. La Salle Hall

The St. La Salle Hall has always been a symbol of many men and women who have been part of the Lasallian story from the time it was known as De La Salle College and now as De La Salle University. In line with the University's Campus Renewal Plan, the St. La Salle Hall will undergo a 'retrofitting' that will begin in January 2011.

The retrofitting primarily aims to preserve and safeguard the integrity of the building, i.e., its structural and symbolic significance. Therefore, this involves reinforcing and strengthening of the structural frames of the St. La Salle Hall.

By January 2011, classrooms and offices at the North Wing of the St. La Salle Hall will be temporarily relocated to other areas on campus to ensure the safety of the members of the Lasallian community for the duration of the project. The same will be done at a later time for other parts of the St. La Salle Hall.

The retrofitting will have four phases. Each phase will cover one trimester. The whole project will be completed by the end of third term of AY 2011 - 2012. Below is the general schedule of each phase:

Phase 1 North Wing Term 3, AY 2010 - 2011
Phase 2 North Central Section Term 1, AY 2011 - 2012
Phase 3 South Central Section Term 2, AY 2011 - 2012
Phase 4 South Wing Term 3, AY 2011 - 2012

The Campus Development group, beginning this month, will conduct the coordination on the relocation schedule and other pertinent details.

Let us extend our full support to this project as we endeavor to fortify and preserve the structural and symbolic significance of St. La Salle Hall, our heritage building.

Posted on: 10/14/2010