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TO        :           The Lasallian Community


FR        :           Ma. Inores C. Palmes
                        University Controller


RE        :           BIR Policy and Requirement

We would like to remind all Faculty, Academic Services Personnel, and Co-Academic Personnel to ensure that your  Personal Tax Exemption Status are updated. As mandated by the Republic Act 9504, all employees with change in status or number of qualified dependents should update their exemption status by filing the Certificate of Update of Exemption (BIR form 2305) together with required attachments (i.e., Certified True Copies of Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate).

For those with change in status or number of qualified dependents for taxable year 2011, BIR Form 2305 must be accomplished and be submitted to Finance & Accounting Office – Payroll Section including the required attachments on or before November 30,  2011. The said form can be downloaded from the intranet.

In case of failure to file an updated Personal Tax Exemption Status, the computation of withholding tax will still be based on previously reported personal exemptions and any tax refund due to change in status or number of qualified dependents will be forfeited and any deficiency in withholding tax that shall arise due to failure to comply with the foregoing will be subjected to penalty.

Please note that your present tax exemption status is reflected in your pay slip under Tax Information beside the category for “Tax Code”. For example, if your tax code is M3, it means that your Personal Tax Exemption Status is married with three dependents. In case you need assistance, please contact Ms. Lolita Catada (OIC for Payroll and Benefits) at Local 268 or through, lolita.catada@dlsu.edu.ph or Ms. Joselyn Curabo (Payroll and Benefits Asst.) at Local 174 or through joselyn.curabo@dlsu.edu.ph.

Thank you. 


Posted on: 11/04/2011