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The De La Salle University Science and Technology Campus


            Transformative and game-changing.  This is the vision for the De La Salle University Science and Technology Campus in Canlubang.  The process of merger and transformation will follow an evolutionary model, shaped by key influencers including the National Science and Technology Plan of the Department of Science and Technology, the recommendations of Project JobsFit of the Department of Labor and Employment and the research priorities of eminent DLSU Professors working in S&T.  While cognizant of the needs of its immediate environs, the S&T Campus is envisioned as a leading-edge research campus with a vibrant community of learners (primary, secondary, tertiary and graduate levels) deeply immersed in studies that have a solid science and technology focus.

         This long-term evolution into the premiere S&T campus in the Philippines is propelled by important imperatives: to fully realize the vast potential of the Canlubang campus; to proactively address the severe space limitations of the Manila campus that hinder research and teaching activities; to carve out new opportunities to position the University as a central player in boosting the nation’s economic growth by leveraging its strength in enhancing knowledge capital, specifically in the field of science and technology.

          Initial discussions have begun to yield exciting prospects.  While the ultimate goal is for the current De La Salle Canlubang to evolve into DLSU Manila’s Science and Technology Campus, its evolution will be phased and will take into account realities on the ground.  By Academic Year 2013-2014, the tertiary level courses taught at Canlubang will be re-engineered to reflect its S&T character.  New degree programs in the areas of biotechnology, technopreneurship, and entertainment computing, and new research institutes in the life, food, and marine sciences are envisioned to be established at the S&T Campus in the very near future.  Flagship research initiatives will originate from this campus as well.  New infrastructure will support this transition.

            To fully realize its mandate as the University’s S&T Campus, it is necessary to examine the viability of offering DLSU’s existing S&T courses in this complex.  Decisions in this regard will be shaped by its attractiveness to our student prospects, the buy-in of our faculty, and the degree of readiness of the S&T Campus to effect this change.  The mindset is to allow these changes to be as natural as possible, evolve through time, and with the greatest support from the stakeholders. 

           The success of this major undertaking is contingent on vibrant discussions and consultations among all our stakeholders.  As we embark on our next 100 years as a learner centered research University, we must courageously chart new paths to provide a Christian education in the Catholic and Lasallian tradition, integrating faith and life, and committed to serve society, especially the poor.



Posted on: 09/16/2011