Policies and Guidelines


The term program endowments was preferred for certain kinds of endowments that was relatively broad in concept. Some donors get very detailed when putting up their endowment, usually given with a specific purpose in mind. In some cases where the university may not have specific program in a field, the usage may be tied with something related to the field. Donors know the policy of the university of never touching the principal of an endowment and only using the earnings. It was intended to see that certain restrictions were followed and that earnings would not be used fort things not in the spirit of "values" that the donor was trying to help promote. A percentage of the earnings added to the principal to help the endowment grow. Various kinds of endowments are distinguished as follows:

Professorial Chair Endowments

There is the Distinguished Professorial Chair Endowment in the relatively "purist" approach to a Chair: scholarly research, scholarly lectures, papers, etc. An Administrative Chair concept evolved, enabling the University to give additional compensation for Administrative work at a Dean's level. Another form of Administrative Chair in Chairperson level came into existence where a person fulfilling the position could be deloaded and compensated, additionally, for Department Chair work.

Scholarship Endowments

These begin with small amounts. Many of these have long way to go to grow large enough for the earnings to support even half, much less full, scholarship.


Covers research honorarium and research overhead of DLSU Faculty. Most often, the earnings of this fund are inadequate to cover the total research honorarium and research overload. In the event that the fund is depleted, it is replenished from the DLSU General Purpose Endowment Fund.


The earnings of this fund will be used exclusively for research projects and it covers expenses for software facilities and other research materials/supplies. The principal of P3 Million will not be touched.