De La Salle University Science Foundation, Inc.

President's Foreword

Amidst economic turmoil swirling around us and political uncertainties that continue to hound our global as well as local economic and financial systems, the Foundation showed a steady growth of 2% in terms of Net Assets as last year’s. Revenues and other supports decreased from P98million to P80.9million. Our total assets increased by 2% from P1.13Billion to P1.15Billion.

This AY, the scholarship grants increased by 15% with the number of scholars assisted increased from 807 to 994. Professorial chairs grantees decreased from 247 in 2014 to 174 in 2015 due to prospective awardees falling short of meeting DLSU-Manila’s requirements. Also, since some funds are too small, the University decided to forego awarding honoraria. Expenses for scientific research and development and other S & T in nature increased by 49% due to increase in publication grants by 268%. Overall, the foundation’s net revenue stood at P26 million or 1% decrease from last years’ P26.44 million.

We would like to thank our loyal benefactors, staffs, and industries for the continued support to the Foundation’s undertakings. My term as a president has expired. A new president, Mr. Gabriel Besa has taken my place. I thank all the trustees, benefactors, and other stakeholders for their support throughout my years of service. I trust that the same support will be extended to him.

Rene R. Fuentes