Code of Ethics


Section 1: TITLE. This code shall be known as the De La Salle Credit Cooperative (DLSCC) Code of Ethics.

Nomenclature: Directors here shall refer to the Board of Directors; Officers shall refer to the General Manager, Treasurer, and committee members, both elected and appointed, and Employees refer to the employees of the DLSCC. Members refer to all members of the cooperative.

Section 2: Declaration of Policy. All directors, officers, employees and members of this cooperative shall abide and adhere to this Code of Ethics. Towards this end, they shall serve and partake in the roles as stakeholders with utmost professionalism, commitment, integrity, compassion and nationalism.

Article II: VISION

To be the leading provider of all financial needs of the Lasallian community.


In pursuit of this vision, the De La Salle Credit cooperative shall:

  1. Imbibe a culture of prudence and help its members in gaining financial stability through periodic savings and diligence among members.
  2. Improve the quality of life of its members through mutual and cooperative assistance.
  3. Ensure organizational stability through honest and prudent management of financial, human and other resources guided by the La Sallian values.
  4. Continuously alleviate and expand its services to all stakeholders/ members through the use of modern technology.
  5. Lead the integration of cooperative organizations among the Lasallian institutions in the Philippines.
  6. Continuously support or work on programs and activities that address pressing socio-economic needs of the community.


The directors, officers and employees of the De La Salle credit cooperative shall be guided by the following:

  1. Directors, officers and employees, in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, shall adhere to the principles of honesty, dedication and sincerity.
  2. They shall, at all times, act with utmost sense of professionalism, justice and courtesy in all their dealings with co-officers, staff, members and the general public.
  3. They shall exemplify uprightness, delicadeza, and punctuality in the delivery of their duties and responsibilities
  4. Directors, officers, and employees must be updated in paying their accounts with the DLSCC.
  5. They shall, by all means, uphold the interest and welfare of the cooperative to sustain the growth and well-being of its members and the community in general.
  6. Directors, officers, and employees shall not enrich themselves nor engage in any activity that is adverse or in conflict with the objectives of the cooperative and the interest of its members.
  7. Directors, officers, and employees shall at all times, lead an upright and modest lifestyle, hence, shall never get involved in any conduct of immorality, indecency and disgrace.
  8. As Directors of the cooperative, they shall protect the funds of all its members in accordance with prudent business practices.
  9. They shall consistently update members with accurate information regarding the true financial condition, operations and services of the cooperative.


The members of the De la Salle Credit Cooperative must comply with their sworn obligations and responsibilities, hence, they shall:

  1. Promote the mission, vision and core values of the cooperative. The success of its business and the spirit of cooperativism in all their dealings.
  2. Actively participate in all affairs of the cooperative and endeavor always to contribute to the interest and welfare of the general membership.
  3. Have the willingness to sacrifice self-interest for the benefit of the majority in keeping with the principle of delicadeza.
  4. Disengage in any corrupt, dishonest and other unauthorized activities that are deemed illegal.
  5. Obey the by-laws, policies, decisions and resolutions of the Directors, General Assembly and the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).
  6. In all dealings and transactions, show courtesy and respect to everyone especially to Directors, officers, employees and members and the general public.


In order to ensure commitment to this Code, the following shall be observed by the Directors, officers, employees and members:

  1. Bind themselves to honor and uphold the intent and spirit of this Code at all times.
  2. Set good example in the observance of this Code.
  3. An oath of commitment shall be done by the Directors, officers and employees upon the acceptance of membership and upon election, appointment, promotion or assumption to duty.
  4. Promote and enhance this Code as a management policy, therefore, strict adherence thereto is the responsibility of all stakeholders.
  5. All acts/ practices committed in violation of this Code are deemed subject to penalties / or administrative sanctions as may be determined by the Board upon exercise of due process of law.
  6. Any amendment of this Code may be proposed to the General or Special Assembly for approval and shall take effect upon its adoption.
  7. This Code shall take effect upon approval by the members through a General Assembly.

Here's the downloadable form of Code of Ethics