UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION for Academic Year 2016-17
(Special Test)

Please read and understand all the policies and procedures stated below:

Online Admission Facility (OAF)

De La Salle University in its continuous efforts to make the undergraduate application procedure updated, accessible and convenient to students interested in taking the DLSU College Admission Test (DCAT) introduces the Online Admission Facility (OAF).  The OAF is a full online application facility wherein an applicant will be able to pay, fill out the application form, submit the requirements and secure the test permit online.

With the new application procedure, it is important to note the following:

  1. The Application Procedure is online.
  2. The Admissions kit must be claimed at the testing venue:
  3. • The examinee must bring the Confirmation email or the Validated Bank Payment Slip during the Testing day for the release of the Admissions kit

  4. Prepare the complete Application requirements which will be submitted online
  5. Admission results will be released 27 April 2016

Eligibility for Application

An applicant must be any one of the following:

  1. A 4th year secondary school student (if based locally) or Grade 11 student who graduated  prior to AY 2015-2016 (if based abroad) who have not taken any college course;
  2. A Senior high school student expected to graduate at the end of Academic Year 2015-2016;
  3. Passer of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), Alternative Learning System (ALS)or Non-Formal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFEA&E) Program following DepEd regulations and therefore certified eligible for admission to college/tertiary level;
  4. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) result holder who has met DLSU criteria; click here: to see the guidelines 

    NOTE: If SAT scores are submitted but failed to meet DLSU criteria, the applicant will no longer be allowed to take the DLSU Admission Test for the current application.

Eligibility for Application

An applicant must be any one of the following:

  1. Complete the Registration process via the OAF accessible here:    
    1.1. Create an Account using a valid email address to register
    1.2. Fill out all the information required
           1.2.1. Personal Information
           1.2.2. Contact Details
           1.2.3. Parent/Guardian Information
    1.2.4. Academic Information
                     Please prepare a clear scanned copy of (in JPEG format
            High School ID card with photo or Equivalent valid ID with photo
            1.2.5. Photographs
                     Please prepare a clear scanned copy of (in JPEG format
            Colored passport size photo taken within 6 months, in white background, with neutral facial                              expression and both eyes open, must not be wearing eyeglasses or colored contact                                    lenses, and with ears exposed if religious customs does not prohibit

            1.2.6. Program Preference
            1.2.7. Application Fee
            Pay the non-refundable admission processing fee of PhP600.00 for Filipino citizens                                        (including those who are dual citizens) or PhP2, 500.00 for non-Filipino citizens. The                                  processing fee for graduates of Philippine public high schools is                                                                  waived. The modes of payment are:
                        Over-the-counter deposit at any Metrobank or Union Bank branch. Please                                                       allow at least three (3) banking days for payment to be cleared. Lead                                                       time must be considered in ensuring the whole pplication process is completed.
                        MasterCard / VISA Credit Card (Online)

  1. Upload all Complete Documentary Requirements
    2.1. Upload all Application Documentary Requirements Please allot reasonable lead time to secure the following        requirements/documents and to prepare a clear scanned copy of each (in JPEG format) in time for the              Application process deadline.
           2.1.1. Proof of Citizenship as defined below:


              2.1.2. Scholastic Record
               Graduate of secondary school must upload the:
                                    • 4th year Final High School Report Card (for applicants based locally)
                                    • Transcript of Records or General Certificate of Secondary                                                                                      Education (for applicants based abroad)
               Senior high school student expected to graduate at the end of                                                                              Academic Year 2015-2016 must upload the:
                                      • Secondary Scholastic Record following DLSU format accessible here
                                        (for applicants based locally)
                                      • Transcript of Records (for applicants based abroad)
                 Passer of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), Alternative Learning System                                       (ALS) or Non-Formal Education Accreditation and Equivalency (NFE A&E) Program must                                       upload  the Certificate of Rating
                 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) result holder must upload the SAT score report

             2.1.3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the High School Discipline Officer/Administrator  issued                       within 3 months of date of application
      2.2. Accomplish the items on self-declaration
      2.3. Print the Test Permit and valid ID
      2.4. The Application process must be completed on or before the deadline (2 April 2016).

  1. Take the DLSU College Admissions Test on the scheduled date, time, and venue as printed on the Test Permit.  All applicants must bring the Test Permit and school ID (or equivalent valid ID) on testing day.  Guidelines and reminders stated on the test permit must be strictly followed
  2. Access the test result from the DLSU website at www.dlsu.edu.ph on 27 April 2016.



  1. Please keep all original hardcopies of the documentary requirements. They are necessary and form part of the requirements during confirmation of enrollment.
  2. Any false information given and/or fraudulent document uploaded into the online admission facility will automatically nullify the application and permanently disbar the applicant from pursuing any level of study at De La Salle University.
  3. Test result will be withheld for applicants with incomplete requirements and/or who failed to comply with the specifications of the documentary requirements (e.g. unclear/unreadable scanned copies).  To avoid such inconvenience, inquiries may be sent to admissions@dlsu.edu.ph with the Subject Heading: Online Application Concerns.
  4. Kindly take note of the reminders provided in the test permit.
  5. Please complete the application process early in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.


 For inquiries and concerns, please contact:
Office of Admissions and Scholarships
Second Floor, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall 
De La Salle University 
2401 Taft Avenue 
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel: (632) 523-4230 (Direct) or 524-4611 to 19 local 166 or 167
Office Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 8:00 am - 12 noon; 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 8:00 am - 12 noon only

E-mail: admissions@dlsu.edu.ph
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