Student Organizations

The University recognizes the importance of developing creative and responsible student leaders who will eventually assume the mantle of leadership in their chosen field of endeavor. For this purpose, it encourages the formation of student groups which pursue clearly established common objectives and the initiation of student directed endeavors set up along social and cultural, religious, literary, educational, and recreational lines.

General Policies

The following are some of the salient guidelines in the operation of any student organization in the University:

  1. Authority to Operate The Director of Graduate Studies shall have the authority to regulate the establishment, and supervise the management and operation of any student organization in the Graduate Schools of the different colleges.
  2. Supervision of Organizational Activities It shall be his/her responsibility to supervise and regulate the operation of all duly recognized student organizations toward the attainment of the goals and objectives as provided for in their approved Constitution and By-Laws.
  3. Any duly recognized student organization which violates its own statement of purpose/constitution or fails to comply with University policies shall be asked to terminate its operations, after an investigation to be conducted by a committee headed by the Director of Graduate Studies.
Student Activities

  1. All Graduate School non-academic activities shall be under the supervision of the Director of Graduate Studies. All information pertinent to said activities shall be forwarded to his/her office.
  2. For activities to be held off-campus, the following rule shall apply: The officers of the organization should submit a copy of the activity/program in duplicate for the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. The Director of Graduate Studies retains the duplicate copy. When approved, the activity/program shall be entered into the list of officially approved off-campus activities.
Fund-Raising Activities

  1. For any fund-raising activity, a formal written application to the Director of Graduate Studies must be filed. The application shall contain the following: nature and purpose of the activity, date, time, and venue, Department of Social Welfare and Development permit indicating the beneficiaries of the fund raising; manner by which funds shall be used; and names of students directly in charge of the activity. This application shall be forwarded to the Director of Graduate Studies two (2) weeks before the implementation date of the activity.
  2. Raffles on campus shall be governed by the following rules:
    • The application to conduct a raffle for fund raising shall be accompanied by the permit issued by the Department of social Welfare and Development. This application shall indicate the objectives, the items to be raffled, the price per ticket, the drawing date (time and place), and the manner by which the use of the profit shall be publicized. Raffle items shall be displayed at some central place on campus.
    • A time limit of one month is allowed any student organization to raffle off items. Any extension of time should be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. The list of winners shall be posted on bulletin boards on campus.
  3. Whenever fund-raising activities are to be conducted with the use of tickets, admissions or subscription fees, or solicitation forms, the financial details shall be cleared in advance with the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies. These materials shall bear the stamp of the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies. A copy of all tickets, solicitation forms and other materials that will be used in conducting said fund-raising activities shall be on file in the Office of the director of Graduate Studies.
  4. The solicitation of funds or merchandise from off-campus groups or business firms requires the special permission of the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies. A financial report of said activity shall be filed with the same office within one (1) month after its termination.

All student officers handling key positions shall be given clearance by the Director of Graduate Studies prior to the final examination during their last term in office. A list of student leaders given clearance shall be forwarded to the Office of the Dean.

Minutes of Organizational Meetings and Financial Report

  1. The Office of the Director of Graduate Studies shall be furnished with copies of the minutes of the organization's meetings.
  2. A copy of the organization's financial condition must be submitted to the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies at the end of each trimester (a week prior to the final exam).
Graduate Student Organizations

The University is committed to the integral and balanced development of Christian men and women who collectively make up the students sector. The University seeks not only to promote intellectual formation but also to enhance the spiritual, psychological, and cultural growth of the students. To help attain this goal, the University encourages students to organize associations in relation to their respective majors. The organizations are as follows: CBE Graduate Students Association (CBE), Graduate School Student Association (CED), Forum of Liberal Arts Graduate Students (CLA), Student Association of the Graduate Engineering School (COE), and COS Graduate Student Organization (COS).

On Activity Bans

All graduate school students shall observe the activity ban which provides that no co-curricular and extra-curricular activities shall be conducted one week prior to the final examinations.