Application Procedure for Graduate Programs

  1. List of admission requirements
  2. Submit all University admission requirements to the Graduate Admissions Office.
    (For International applicants, these are independent of your application for student visa)
  3. Secure Referral Slip from the Graduate Admissions Office to pay the Application Fee (P500 for Filipino citizens; US$30 for non-Filipino citizens).
  4. Present the Referral Slip and pay the Application Fee at the Accounting Office (located at the lobby of the St. La Salle Building).
  5. Present the Official Receipt of payment to the Graduate Admissions Office to get your testing permit.
  6. For financial assistance applicants, proceed to SFA Office (LS 137) to secure Financial Assistance Application Form. Then, submit specified requirements on or before the given deadline.
  7. Take the Graduate Admission Test on the schedule indicated on the Testing Permit.
  8. Call the Chair/Graduate Program Coordinator of the academic department for interview schedule.

View the list of admitted applicants via any of the following

For financial assistance applicants, check status of application with the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS).

For Admitted Applicants

  • Secure Referral Slip from the Graduate Admissions Office to pay the Confirmation Fee of P1,000. (For admitted non-Filipino citizen applicants, this will be issued upon clearance by the International Student Services Program Coordinator). This fee is non-refundable, but will be deductible from the total student's tuition and fees during enrollment. If a student withdraws, this will be charged against administrative and processing costs.
  • Present the Referral Slip and pay the Confirmation Fee at the Accounting Office.
  • Present the Official Receipt to the Graduate Admissions Office to secure ID number and copy of the Department Acceptance Form.

Course Sections

  • The selection of courses/sections to be enrolled (based on the courses indicated in the Department Acceptance Form) is done on line by means of any computer with internet access.
  • Log in to for the activation of your account. You will need to have your ID number and Official Receipt number (for the payment of the Confirmation Fee).
  • After activating your account, click on "Proceed to Main Page".
  • Under the "Registrar's Office" menu located at the left column of the page, click on "Enroll Courses." Detailed procedures will be available on line.
  • Please take note of the assessed amount and reminders at the end of the on-line enrollment facility (such as enrollment schedule, attire for ID picture-taking, etc.).

Enrollment Schedule

On your enrollment schedule, proceed to the Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory (North Wing) for the following transactions:

  1. Claiming of the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
  2. Payment of tuition and other fees
  3. ID picture taking
  4. New Student Orientation Schedule