Bachelor of Arts – Master of Arts in Behavioral Sciences with Specialization in Organizational and Social System Development (Ladderized Program)
Degree Codes: Program- MBHSL Plan- MBHSL-OSSD

The BA-MA in Behavioral Sciences prepares students for the education and training job requirements of industries and employers. The curriculum focuses on understanding organizational change and social networks. Intensive training and grounding in research are program highlights.

This is a program designed for students with good academic performance. To be able to proceed to the master’s level, undergraduate students must have a weighted average of 2.5 in all their major subjects, otherwise they must pass a qualifying exam. A total of 12 trimesters are needed to complete the ladderized degree program (9 trimesters at the AB level and 3 trimesters at the MA level).

Updated: July 25, 2013