Graduate Degree Programs

Master in Environmental Social Science

A pioneering program in the Philippines, this degree program rises to the challenge for more professionals who have an understanding of the complex relationship between people and the environment. Utilizing the theories and methodologies of the social sciences, students of this program will have the unprecedented opportunity to help find solutions that integrate social factors to environmental plans and programs. This unique infusion of the social sciences in addressing growing demands for sustainable solutions to development is a key factor why graduates of this program will have a significantly raised employability profile.

Intended for research and service professionals from a variety of fields – NGOs, international agencies, corporate industry, academe, public sector managers – the program is significant for its comprehensive training in social science theories and research methods for studying and understanding people’s perceptions and behavior in various environmental development issues. Its multi-disciplinary approach is central to the mode of learning delivery. Just as importantly, students will be sensitized to the ethical, social and cultural imperatives so critical in crafting environmental policies, plans, and programs.