Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Health Social Science

From technical consultants to information officers and policy advocates; from academic researchers to health program planners, implementers and evaluators; from teachers to trainers, this academic program is an academically rigid path towards these fulfilling careers.

The 14-month masteral program targets professionals who need a more solid grounding in the social science aspects of research, particularly in the program design, management, and evaluation of community and culture-based health issues. Through a rich trove of teaching and field experiences, students will emerge with a more holistic understanding of the cultural and social dimensions of health research that will equip them sufficiently to conceptualize, design, execute and assess their own health program initiatives. Encompassing epidemiology, health sociology, anthropology, and ecology, as well as featured discussion on gender issues, graduates will be characterized not only by multi-disciplinary skills, but also by their ability to work in teams in a variety of environmental settings.