Department of Economics

The Economics program develops students; theoretical knowledge in the field of economics with a special emphasis on its applications to the Philippine economic situation and without sacrificing the mathematical rigor involved in the study of economic science. In addition to its core courses, the program exposes the students to different areas of specialization such as labor economics, public finance, environmental economics, financial economics, agricultural economics, among others. To ensure that the academic standards and competencies are met, the economics majors are required to pass a written comprehensive examination after the completion of the core courses of the program. The students are also required toward the end of their course to write and defend an undergraduate thesis under the guidance of a panel of faculty advisers. In addition, they are required to complete 120 hours of practicum and prepare a short research paper related to their work.


The faculty of the Department of Economics hold advanced degrees of academic specialization from international as well as local educational institutions of higher learning. They are committed to continuously hone their capabilities through actively doing theoretical and empirical research and providing consultancy services to government, education and industry. The Faculty Profile of the department are also recognized as among the best in pedagogy in the University.


The economics majors are distinguished in the University as outstanding students in academics, student leadership and community service. Many have become recipients of the highest awards in the University. Not a few have successfully represented the University in national contests for students. Since the department is committed to wholistic education, many economics majors are active officers and heads in student organizations and student publications.


Faculty and students conduct theoretical, empirical and policy research particularly in the areas of human resource economics, international trade and development and business economics. Every trimester, the students compete for the Gold Medal for Best Thesis in Economics. The department of economics is also at the forefront of using information technology and is also the first academic economics department in the Philippines to join the Information Superhighway.

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