Physics Department

The Physics Society (PhySoc) continuously keeps pace with the scientific and technological advances of the present times. The society upholds the primary goal of instilling appreciation and a deeper understanding of physics to their members and to the university as well. The society is created to assist students of physics, and lives up to its commitment of serving side by side with the Physics Department.

The Physics Society can be thought of as the coordinating organization in De La Salle University (DLSU) within the Council of Student Organization (CSO), as well as a member of the Philippines’ national physics orgazanition, Samahaan ng Magaaral sa Pagpapaulad ng Pisika (SMPP).Its goals aim to cater in the following areas:

  • Providing leadership on matters related to Physics and Physics education to both Physics degree students and enthusiast.
  • Giving service to local and national students in promoting and teaching the discipline of physics.
  • Guiding the research agenda to students taking up physics, in order for studies to be relevant to the present times.
  • Cater activities, competitions, summits, and programs that organizes the youth in promoting a better environment with the use of the knowledge and discipline in different areas of Physics.


Currently, Physics Society represents more than 250 members in DLSU. To become a member of Physics Society, a member must pay an annual membership to avail of the benefits and perks provided by the union of the CSO. A member must adopt and adhere to the Physics Society’s Constitution. The ultimate goal of the organization supports DLSU’s goal of “Achievers for God and Country.”

Physoc Summary Report for AY 2013-2014