Severino V. Gervacio

Professor Emeritus


Research Interests and Areas of Specialization

Graph Theory

Educational Background

PhD Mathematics: Ateneo de Manila University
MS Mathematics: University of the Philippines
BS Mechanical Engineering: Mapua Institute of Technology

Selected Research

  • Gervacio, S. V., Maehara, H. and Uy, J., On the span and extent of unit-distance graphs in the plane, Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol 10, 2016 no. 33, 1611-1618.

  • Gervacio SV. Resistance distance in complete n-partite graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 203 (2016) 53-61.

  • Gervacio, S. V., Rapanut, T., and Ramos, P., Characterization and Construction of Permutation Graphs, Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, accepted October 2012, published January 2013, (3) 33-38

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