Academic Departments


The Department of Biology undertakes teaching and research in a wide range of biological disciplines. Recognized as a Center of Excellence by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), the Department has highly competent teachers committed to training students and producing quality research.


The Department of Chemistry is a dynamic center for research and instruction in the chemical sciences. It offers rigorous, up-to-date education and training in chemistry to prepare its graduates for a productive and creative career in chemistry and related professions. Courses in the humanities and social sciences are integrated to provide the perspective that will direct scientific efforts toward addressing national concerns.

Most of its faculty have national reputations in the fields of research and education and many members are internationally recognized in their respective expertise. The faculty actively engage in research and carry lists of local and international publications to their names.

Aside from the various awards received by the faculty, the Department was also named by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Excellence.


The Department of Mathematics develops in its students disciplined yet flexible minds capable of logical thought, critical analysis, imagination, and problem solving. Most of its faculty members have received training abroad and a good number of them did their research under the supervision of a foreign adviser of international repute. The faculty is committed to make the students understand and appreciate the relevance of mathematics to modern society.

Established in 1946, the Department has ably serviced the University, handling graduate and undergraduate courses in the College of Business and Economics, Liberal Arts and Education. It has earned Commission on Higher Education's recognition as a Center of Excellence.


The Physics Department is committed to develop lifelong learners who are logical, analytical, creative and critical thinkers. The Department believes that the quest for nature's fundamental laws is accompanied by a concerted search for relevant applications benefiting Philippine society.

The Commission on Higher Education recognizes DLSU-Manila's Physics Department as a Center of Excellence. The Department caters to a variety of interests in physics: solid-state physics and material science, medical instrumentation, laser physics, instrumentation physics, quantum field theory, and physics education.