Chemistry Department Laboratory Facilities

Teaching Laboratories

Chemistry Teaching Laboratories: J502, J506, J507, J509 and J 510
All chemistry teaching laboratories are equipped with fume hoods, lecture area, and other laboratory necessities (e.g. eyewash, safety showers, fire extinguishers, first aid kit). They are capable of accommodating general science, general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry laboratory courses.

Special glassware for these courses are stored in the stockrooms (J508 and/or J503) and are dispensed as needed. Special instruments/ equipment are stationed at the Instrument room (J512). They are available when needed and are being maintained by the chemistry department Academic Service Faculty (ASF). The maximum number of students that can be accommodated in a teaching laboratory is twenty-four.

General Science Laboratories: J310, J311, J312, C304 and M404
These laboratory rooms are mainly used in general science laboratory courses. They are also equipped with fume hoods, lecture area, and other laboratory necessities (e.g. eyewash, safety showers, fire extinguishers, first aid kit).

Stockrooms: J503/J505/J508/C308
The bulk of chemicals/solvents stock for teaching laboratories is stored at J505. The preparation of different solutions/reagents used in the different laboratory courses are done at J508. Dispensing of these chemicals, special glassware and other materials are done at J508 and/or J503.

Chemistry Instrumentation Room I (SJ512)
This room houses analytical equipment used for both teaching and research. This houses the following instruments; two double beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Gas Chromatograph with an FID detector, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Bomb Calorimeter and a Cyclic Voltameter.

Chemistry Instrumentation Room II (SJ511)
An extension of the other instrumentation room, this room is also used for teaching and research. It houses an FT-IR Spectrometer, a Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer and a Liquid Chromatograph - Quad - Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer.

Glass-Blowing Room: J615B
This room is used for doing minor repairs of broken glassware.

Chemistry Department Research Laboratories

Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) Research Labs

C301 Computational Chemistry 1
This lab is assigned to Dr. Wilfredo Chung and Dr. Eric Punzalan. A networked array of computers working in parallel have software installed for advanced molecular modeling.

The lab is also used as the design, fabrication and data processing workshop for remote sensing research. Drones with various imaging sensors are utilized for environmental research.
C302 Computational Chemistry 2
This laboratory is intended to be a Materials Science laboratory specifically for work on Semiconductor chemistry and devices under the care of Dr. Francisco Franco whose research interest lies mainly in the electronic properties, design and performance of various organic materials for organic photovoltaic devices through molecular modeling and device simulations.
C303 Biochemistry 1
This biochemistry laboratory houses a high speed refrigerated centrifuge, electrophoresis set-up for SDS-PAGE and agarose gel electrophoresis, an analytical balance, and pH meter. The lab is assigned to Dr. Nancy Llanos and Dr. Rafael Espiritu. Dr. Llanos’ does research on biological membranes, peptide chemistry, enzyme isolation, and protein markers. Dr. Espiritu’s main interests involve mechanistic investigations and membrane interactions of biologically active compounds using membrane mimic, i.e. liposomes, specifically those that are obtained from marine sources.
C305 Organometallic Synthesis LaboratoryThis lab is designed for research activities in organometallic synthesis and inorganic chemistry. The lab is assigned to Dr. Derrick Yu who specializes in materials science.
C307 & C310 Polymer Chemistry / Materials Science
This laboratory is under the care of Dr. Drexel Camacho whose research interests cover the broad field of materials science. The group is engaged in studies on polymers and nano-based materials from various perspectives: synthesis, mechanism, process development, applications etc. Students of Dr. Julita Robles who specializes in Inorganic Chemistry and X-ray Crystallography share the work space.
C309 Biochemistry 2
This laboratory is assigned to the Molecular Biology Unit of CENSER. It is a common laboratory among the four departments of the College of Science.

St. Joseph’s Building (SJ) Research Labs

J612 Natural Products 1
Activities in this research lab include extraction, separation and purification of secondary metabolites from plants. The laboratory is assigned to Dr. Consolacion Ragasa who has established a name for herself in the field of natural products chemistry with her numerous publications in ISI journals. The laboratory will be turned over to Dr. Gerardo Janairo in 2015 with the transfer of Dr. Ragasa to the STC (Canlubang) campus. Dr. Janairo specializes in organic synthesis
J613A Inorganic Chemistry 2
Research activities of Dr. Lourdes Guidote and her students are done in this laboratory. Dr. Guidote specializes in boron chemistry and organometallic synthesis. She is currently doing work on metabolomics profiling of breast cancer patients. Her other research interests include the development of test kits for the analysis of kidney stones; and methods development for the extraction and physico-chemical analysis of biofuels.
J613B Analytical Natural Products
Experiments done in this lab consist of extraction, separation and detection of natural products from plants and detection of metals from environmental samples. Dr. Jaime Raul Janairo who is assigned to this lab is an organic chemistry who is also interested in doing work on environmental chemistry.
J613C Organic Chemistry 2
Activities in this laboratory include research in organic synthesis and natural products chemistry. The room is assigned to Dr. Glenn Alea.
J613D Organic Chemistry 3
This lab room is assigned to Dr. Eric Punzalan. His research interests include: environmental chemistry, organometallic synthesis and development of quality control procedures.
J614 Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Marissa Noel specializes in plant tissue culture and food chemistry. Research activities in this laboratory include: extraction, detection and quantitation of marker compounds in fruits and vegetables. Dr. Noel shares this lab with Mr. Emmanuel Garcia, another full time faculty member of the Chemistry Department, working to finish his dissertation, does research on the chemistry of civet coffee.
J615 Natural Products Chemistry
Research activities in this lab consist of extraction, separation and purification of secondary metabolites from plants and mushrooms, with occasional selected activity testing. The lab is assigned to Dr. Anamy Paano who specializes in natural products chemistry.

The laboratory is shared by Dr. Nancy Lazaro-Llanos and Dr. Regina Salmasan. Dr. Llanos will continue with her Biochemistry research while Dr. Salmasan will carry on the work on mushroom metabolites as well as her upcoming projects in bioanalytical chemistry.