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Autonomous Parallel Parking Using Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Controller with the Aid of Sensors (2013)


Marasigan, Jerome Saberon, Iara Marie San Jose, Dan Patrick Sevilla, Paul Anthony


-This thesis project presents an autonomous sensor – based parallel parking maneuver on a car-like mobile robot. This project focuses on parallel parking the carlike mobile robot within a given scenario following the fifth degree polynomial reference path in a backward maneuver. Training data, gathered from the fifth degree polynomial path, is subjected to subtractive clustering algorithm to determine the fuzzy controller and trained by the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system. The project uses eight ultrasonic sensors, placed strategically to avoid radial imprecision, to detect the obstacles along its path; an accelerometer is also used to detect the inclination of the car-like mobile robot (CLMR). The sensors acquire necessary sensor data for the Neuro- Fuzzy Inference System to determine the proper motion direction at each sampling point. The efficiency of the proposed Neuro-Fuzzy Controller (NFC) design is revealed through the actual results..


Argel Bandala