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Implementation of the Driver Controls, Wiring and Lighting Systems of the DLSU Solar Car in Conformance to the World Solar CHallenge (WSC) 2013 Regulations (2013)


Guanco, Kristine Marie Matriano, Karlo Pabilonia, Carmela Arabelle


-The previous Sikat II solar car had to undergo several improvements with respect to its technical aspects in order to comply with the rules and regulations set for the World Solar Challenge (WSC) 2013. A new dashboard layout was implemented, thus providing efficient driver controls. New and improved methods of organization were designed and implemented on the new wiring system to address the problems faced with the previous layout. A new lighting system was developed and tested to follow the modified rules and regulations set for the WSC 2013. Key Words: dashboard layout, driver controls, lighting, Sikat II, solar car, wiring, World Solar Challenge (WSC), serial wiring, parallel wiring.


Jose Antonio Catalan