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Microcontroller-Based Dextrose Stand with Infrared Proximity Detection for Patient Use in Hospitals (2013)


Francisco, Manuel Luis III Tupas, Cloud Reyes, Paul Benedict Reotutar, James Homer


-This study aims to utilize the concept of automation to improve the convenience of patients who are taking ivy fluids who may need to walk short or long distances by creating a dextrose stand that will follow the patient. Five Sharp GP2Y0A2YK infrared proximity sensors capable of accurate detection were used to sense whether the patient turned left or right, and moved or stopped. Individual analog output signal pins of the five sensors are all connected to a Gizduino X microcontroller that does the decision-making. A servo motor was used for steering the front wheels while two DC motors were attached to the rear wheels for the forward movement of the dextrose stand. Lastly, a battery indicator with five LEDs will also be included in the system to inform the user if the battery needs charging.


Ms. Donabel DeVeas