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Fuzzy Logic Controller for a DC-DC Converter (2013)


Aragon, Erwin John Barlis, Robin Andrew Bernaldo, Rey Emmanuel Cabarle, Luis Eduardo Maranan, Manzell


-This thesis focuses on creating and implementing a Fuzzy Logic-based controller as a control system to regulate the output of a DC-DC Boost Converter. An algorithm is developed based on a set of rules based on human expertise, linguistics and understanding. Fuzzy sets and triangular membership functions are used to fuzzify crisp inputs coming from a feedback source. The fuzzified inputs will then undergo a fuzzy inference system, which is a set of rules used in calculations determining the crisp output. The crisp value in this thesis is the duty cycle, which controls the switching of the power transistor. Pulse Width Modulation is used to dictate the value of the duty cycle which will also determine the boosted output voltage. This fuzzy logic algorithm will be implemented on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The purpose of this thesis is to compare the performance of the Fuzzy Logic controller with a commercial Regulating Pulse Width Modulator integrated circuit used in Switching Regulators, and to prove that non-model based systems are robust and adaptive in contrast with model-based systems.


Roderick Yap