Thesis Archive

Development of an IV-Curve Tester with Solar Tracker Capability and Temperature Measurement Module for Characterization of SIKAT Solar Panels (2013)


Areza, Timothy Navarro, Kenneth Romey, Elijah Tee, Darell Tee Teh, Gerard


-The study aims to characterize the SIKAT II solar panels and identify their actual performances under different types of conditions that is present in the car such as temperature, angle displacement, dirt and cell shadowing The group developed an IV Curve Tester module to measure different components of the cell such as current, voltage and temperature at different loading conditions. The group also developed an automated Solar Tracker that measures the illumination level, angle and azimuth of the sun. Visual Basic was used to control the data acquisition function of the modules in the computer. In line with the solar panels to the SIKAT II Solar Car, the group also improved the array wiring of the car by designing new wiring diagrams and layouts as well as implementing the design using new, low-resistance wires.


Jose Antonio Catalan