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A Full Custom IC Design of a Posicast Controller for DC-DC Boost Converter (2013)

Chua, James Kevin Gaffud, Laurent Palma, John Vincent Santos, Kelvin John So, Marlon Benedict


-The Posicast principle is a control method that aims to dampen oscillations of a lightly damped system. It is known for its ability to reduce the sensitivity issues present in classical Posicast controller. In this paper, a hybrid Posicast controller is integrated into a conventional circuitry of a DC-DC Boost converter intended for boosting a 3V input to 6V output. A full custom layout is designed for the controller using the 0.35um CMOS library. The behavior of the CMOS controller is verified by comparing it with the MATLAB model behavior. Experimental results show that the hybrid Posicast controller was able to improve the steady-state response by improving its settling time to 1.8ms, and was able to eliminate the startup output overshoot of the Boost Converter.


Roderick Yap