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A Microcontroller-Based Automated Weight Monitoring System For Class One Vehicles (2013)


Barco, Christian Erasquin, Justine Roy Geronimo, Mark Dommel


-The study aims to monitor the weight of class one vehicles and evaluate if the vehicle is beyond its gross vehicle weight. Class one vehicles are subdivided into four main subclasses to further reduce the weight limit of the different types of vehicles under class one. The proponents have used the PIC16F877A Microcontroller with various sensors. The use of ultrasonic distance sensor was used to determine the height for the differentiation of the subclass while four load cells were used to acquire the weight. The Analog-to-Digital (ADC) of the microcontroller was used to convert the analog signals from the load cells to output the weight of the vehicle. The actual weight, reference weight, subclass and remarks are all outputted in a display board for the driver to see.


Ms. Donabel DeVeas