Electronics and Communications Engineering

Undergraduate Thesis Archive

This page lists all undergraduate theses in the Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) and Computer Engineering (CpE) programs.



Identifier Title Correspondence
CITG-0506-03-02 Computer-Aided Instruction On Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANS) Engr. Antonette Roque
ESCA-C1-1112-02 DVD-ROM Peripheral for Android OS Powered Tablets Mr. Bernardo So
CITG-01-1011-01 Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Home Platform with Human Detection System and Web Based Control Mr. Alan Landa
Mahiwagang Tungkod: Building an Artificial Muscle that will Help Stroke Victims Walk Engr. Arada Gerald
3D Face Modeling Using Stereoscopic Images and Facial Feature Recognition Engr. Edwin Sybingco
A Computer Aided Instruction in ECE Computer Aided Drafting and Design Mr. Jingel Tio
A Computer Aided Instruction for the PIC16F84 Microcontroller Mr. Jonathan Coronel
A Data Transmission System Using the Subsidiary Communications Authorization for an LED Visual Matrix Display Mr. Roberto Caguingin
A Hardware Model for an Adaptive Finite Impulse Response Filter
A Microcotroller-Based Closed-Loop Control For A Micro-Hyfro Power Plant Dr. Felicito Caluyo
A Portable Electronic Blood Typing Device Analene Nagayo
An Autonomous Mobile Olfactory Robot For the Localization of Chemical Leak Mr. Arnold Santos
An ID Tamper-Proofing System Using A Digital Watermarking Algorithm Engr. Edzel Lapira
An Implementation Of A PC-Based Blind Source Separation Using the Information Maximation Approach Engr. Edzel Lapira
A Prototype System For Adaptively Superimoposing Small Burst Of Digital Data Over Audio Signals For Transmission And/Or Recording Mr. Virgilio Conanan
A Synthesizable Hardware Model of H.263 Video Codec Mr. Edzel Lapira
A system for Retrieving And Documenting Field Test Display Parameters In An Independent Database Storage Using J2ME Mr. Medi Nazar
A VHDL Hardware Model Of The ITU-T G.728 Standard With A Synthesizable Codebook Search Module Engr. Edzel Lapira
Automated Microcotroller Based Data Acquisition and Control System For Fish Farming Engr. Jonathan Coronel
Automated Microcontroller Based Ice Cream Maker Ms. Analene Nagayo
Book Monitoring System with Real-Time Inventory Using RFID Technology Engr. Cesar Llorente
CAI for ADVCOLE sapango@dlsu.edu.ph
CAI For Microprocessor Architecture and Design of Risc Architecture Mr. Medi Nazar
Computer Aided Instruction For Analog Communications (ANALCOM) Engr. Antonette Roque
Computer Aided Instruction For Biomedical Instrumentation Engr. Oswald Sapang
Computer Aided Instruction For DC-DC Power Converters Ms. Analene Nagayo
Computer Aided Instruction For ECECOM5 Dr. Felecito S. Caluyo
Computer Aided Instruction For Operating Systems (OPERASY) Engr. Jose Catalan
Computer Aided Instruction For Transmission Of Signals Engr. Roberto Caguingin
Computer Aided Instruction For Computer Networking Basics Mr. Lester Moralde
Computer Aided Instruction For Digital Communication Systems (DIGICOM) Engr. Medi Nazar
Computer Aided Instruction In Broadcasting Engineering And Acoustics Engr. Antonette Roque
Data Acquisition System For Micro Hydro Electric Power Plant Engr. Ann Dulay
Design And Implementation Of A PC Interfaceable Module For Acquiring EMG, BVP, GSR and Respiration Signals Mr. Jonathan Coronel
Design Of A Function Generator Plus An MCU-Based Pulse Generator
Design Of A Switch Mode Power Supply Utilizing DC-DC Flyback Converter Engr. Ann Dulay
Detection Of Termite Activity Through Acoustic Surveying
Diode And Fet Defect Localization Using Wavelet Transform Dr. Felicito Caluyo
Electronic Olfaction System For Aroma Identification Engr. Antonio Gonzales
ESG-1112-01-19 3D Humanoid Robot Simulation And Modelling Using Open Dynamics Engine Engr. Melvin Cabatuan