BS MEM Specialization in Biomedical Engineering (MEM-BME)

The BS MEM Specialization in Biomedical Engineering (BME) prepares students in the areas of medical instrumentation, medical and clinical equipment management, biomaterials engineering, information management. Students trained in the only biomedical engineering program in the country would fill those demands in local and regional medical industry for competent biomedical engineers and managers.

Mission and Vision

The Mission Statement of the Manufacturing Engineering and Management with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering (MEM-BME) Program is to:

  • Nurture highly-competent interdisciplinary biomedical engineers, imbued with Lasallian values, who will spearhead the technological advancement in the healthcare sector of the Philippines, thereby improving the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Promote synergistic development between the healthcare sector and the academe by exposing the healthcare professionals to the new technology and research thrust of DLSU-Manila.
  • Ensure that the Biomedical Engineering education of DLSU-Manila will be sensitive to the requirement of the healthcare sector.

By the following this Mission Statement and the Mission Statement of the University, the MEM-BME program envisions itself to achieve the following:

  • Provide healthcare sector with Biomedical Engineering graduates in both the Masters and Baccalaureate levels. These engineers will have competence in the fields of engineering that covers design and fabrication of biomedical products, clinical instrumentation and devices for therapeutic purposes. These engineers are technologically competent in the most modern healthcare technologies in the organization and management of hospitals as well as medical and clinical networks.
  • Have outputs of research which are readily useful for the healthcare sector and are of high quality and value, thus will improve the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Encourage its members to develop themselves in every chosen field of interest, whether within the field of engineering or otherwise, to the best of their abilities, thereby tapping into the special strengths of each individual.