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Academic Year 2015-2016

Academic Year 2014-2015

MEM Frosh Convocation

-Lawrence Lin

As the ID 115 batch of MEM came in, the MEM department and SME worked hand in hand to offer them help and guidance for their first year in the university through a series of events and activities. One of them is the MEM Frosh Convocation which happened last September 10, 2015. During the MEM Frosh Convocation, the freshmen students were able to meet the professors of the department and to raise questions about certain classes. Also, the frosh were informed about the retention policies by the Dean of Gokongwei College of Engineering, Dr. Jonathan R. Dungca for them to be informed about failures and how could they keep themselves in the program. Furthermore, SME invited ID 111 students, Miles Que and Kevin Lee, to discuss how they can not only survive but also maximize their stay in DLSU. Of course, SME events wouldn’t be complete without food! The frosh sure did have a good time and also learned lots of things about the program, the professors and the policies.

Miles Que and Kevin Lee received their certificate of appreciation for sharing their valuable insights to the frosh.

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SME Frosh Night

-Jillian Day

Frosh night is an activity which aims to welcome MEM Freshmen students in the University. SME members actively participated in different interactive games like Charades and SMEnumerator. This activity provides an overview of what the frosh should expect during their stay in DLSU. This activity also gives way for the higher batches to interact with the freshmen students in order to give them some tips and advices which would be useful in their entire college life. The SME Frosh Night is reminder to the freshmen students that the whole SME family is always there to support them as they pursue their goals.

MEM Froshies enjoying the foods during the Frosh Night

ID 115 MEM students actively participating in the programs.

MEM students from different batches took part in welcoming the frosh during the frosh night.

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Annual Recruitment Week

- Lawrence Lin

As the 1st term starts, it is also the start for organizations to recruit their members. Annual Recruitment Week allows organizations to have new members join the organization and old members to renew their membership. SME as a professional organization naturally focuses on recruiting MEM students but they also welcome students with interest in the organization and the program to join as honorary members!

New recruited SME members had a photo op after signing up!

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Junior Plant Visit

-Jillian Day

The third year MEM students held the Junior Plant Visit last September 16-19, 2015 in Cebu. In this activity, the students are taught about the manufacturing and industrial processes of the different companies. The different plants visited by these students are: Uratex, Lexmark, Evercat Asia, Coast Pacific, Cebu Mitsumi, IPI, Surface Technology, Pacific Traders, Lear, and profood. The Junior Plant Visit provides an overview of the future work opportunities in the manufacturing field. The manufacturing processes shown in each company could be a factor for the students to determine which sector in manufacturing (semiconductors, food processing, etc.) is interesting to venture in. The Junior Plant Visit is indeed a good way for the students to be exposed in the manufacturing field to learn about practical things which would be useful in their future careers. In the end, one theoretical background about a certain process is not the only thing needed in the field of engineering but also one's practicality.

Third year MEM students had their group picture in one of the plants they visited.

Third year MEM students group photo at White Sands Resort in Cebu.

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SME General Assembly

-Lawrence Lin

Once again, here comes one of the most awaited events every term, the General Assembly! This term has the theme of Step Up: Memvolution! And as the theme suggests, this general assembly allowed the SME members to showcase their hidden talents. The general assembly happened last October 1, 2015, and, as always, was full of fun and excitement as games and performances filled the program. But of course, the goal of disseminating the plans and activities for the term was not missed. The general assembly was enthusiastically hosted by Joshua Manalili. He worked the crowd in his hands as he heated up the audience and gave everyone a laugh with his amusing charms! However, the ever-famous SMEnumerator tradition was not forgotten, with the reigning champion, still being Penny Delfin! The crowd went crazy again as the batches performed their well prepared and quality performances! This general assembly offered the opportunity for everyone to relax, have fun and meet new people!

Members enjoy the delicious food!

Penny Delfin declared as the reigning champion!

Karlo Carranza all out on his performance!

Matthew Cabalinan rocks the crowd with his body techniques!

The 112 boys heating up the crowd with their charismatic moves!

Group picture to end the exciting and fun general assembly!

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Sophomore Plant Visit

Austin Chua

The sophomores of DLSU Manufacturing Engineering worked hard in their previous year as freshmen. The department and SME worked hand in hand to provide the sophomores with a peek of what their future holds for them in the society. The Plant visit is a formality to show the students taking up Manufacturing Engineering different possible jobs and possibilities after they finish the program. The plant visit that the sophomores went to was Applied Machining in Laguna. They saw the different machines and professionals operate and learn all about different manufacturing process. The second plant is the Boysen paint plant where they got to tour around the factory in where paint were being produces, checked, and packed. Both plant showed the sophomores of the DLSU MEM student a good time and even gave them food. The sophomores had a good time and of course learned a lot.

The sophomores and Dr. Gregg Garcia had a photo op at the plant of Applied Machining.

Group photo in Boysen with sophomores and Dr. Gregg Garcia.

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SME Bowling

-Lawrence Lin

As college students, we tend to spend sleepless nights to study or to prepare for reports and papers; thus, SME offered a chance for everyone to relax and have a nice bowling game! Last October 10, 2015, some of the members were able to have fun and have a friendly competition among the members. Activities like this provide an avenue for members to mingle with each other and have a break from their heavy academic load!

Members showing their bowling skills!

Members had a photo op to end the bowling activity!

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SME Paper Processing Seminar

- Karmelo Carranza

This seminar was led by the documentation committee, in A1708, on October 28, 2015, at around 6-8 pm. The documentation committee tackled Pre-Acts and Post-Acts Requirements for documentations for organizing different SME activities. This seminar discussed the different protocols, procedures and common wrong practices by the different officers. In addition to this, the seminar is very important, especially to Junior Officers because they will be needing to accomplish these required papers for their activities, and to comply to the proper procedures for their documentations. This also helped the junior officers as they are also oriented upon different important offices in DLSU and Officers of the different committee under SME. Some of the important contact details and the different records of SME are easily accessible just by clicking on the links that the Documentation committee provided in SME Officers' Facebook group.

Aira Ong (EVP-Documentations) discussed the post activity requirements.

The attendees had a group picture taken to end a productive and informative seminar!.

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SME Sports Day

Joshua Manalili

As students and members of SME, we work hard on our academics and activities for the our organization. Last October 23, 2015, SME provided an avenue for it’s members and fellow course mates to take a break and not only be mentally active but physically as well. The activity provided a place for its members to show their skills in certain sports such as Basketball and Volleyball. This activity has been a long tradition in SME because it proves to be the best source of friendly competitiveness and bonding experience in each batch that participates in the activity.

A player giving a satisfied look on the point they gained.

A player serving for the match.

An amazing play to outsmart the opponent.

A player setting up the ball for the next play.

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SME Team Building

-Lawrence Lin

Last October 24-25, 2015 the Society of Manufacturing Engineers had their team building for the term at the Forest Club in Los Banos, Laguna. Team buildings are never boring. Instead, they are always full of fun and excitement. The activities prepared were really great and well organized in a way that everyone was able to get a chance to mingle with each other. Team spirit is crucial in organizations for it would make or break the organization. Through this team building the officers were able to meet and understand each other better.

Some might say that team buildings are boring and dull, but with SME’s team building, it is always exciting and definitely challenging. The most challenging parts are the mud crawl and canopy walk, where everyone really got themselves dirty and was pushed to their limits..

After all, the team building’s ultimate goal is to bond the officers and promote camaraderie among the officers to successfully organize better activities for the organization and its members.

Members finishing the game with powerful emotions!

Passing through the river, as part of the challenge.

Participant trying to cross the river as part of the challenge!

Participants give their 100% focus and attention to accomplish the marble challenge!

Participants cool down and relax after a whole day of challenging and exciting activities!

Before the night ended, the SME family had the ultimate bondingg experience!
(Pictures taken by Nicolai Briones)

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